200 to 208 Main St. E.

This terra cotta, pressed-brick structure, comprising several stores, was built in 1839. Look along the second-floor level to see the unified design. A fire in 1886 destroyed all the frame buildings, which had been built by Samuel Fordham Taylor, one of the Town’s earliest builders. William Little operated a saddlery at 208, established in 1859. His son, John F. Little, followed by Charles Lecoque, operated the business until 1965. A barbershop has been in operation at 206 since the building was erected. Proprietors have included Tom Mortons, William and Charles Anderson and Tony Graci. The early barbershop, before the advent of indoor plumbing, offered hot baths for 25 cents. The section of the building numbered 202 was home to Mr. McPherson Furniture and Bus Knight Men’s Wear. Section 200 was demolished and rebuilt in the original style and was home to Mr. Hemstreet Clothing, Mr. Galbraiths Dry Goods and the Milton Department Store.

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