Board of Director’s Meeting – Minutes

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Location: Online via Zoom 6:30 p.m.

Attendees: Eric Chabot (EC), Sara Bergsma (SB), Kristina Tesser Derksen (KTD), Rachel Shuttleworth (RS), Colin Best (CB), Monique Gaudet (MG), Eric Parris (EP)

Regrets: Julie Rock (JR), Ian Campbell, Miguel Gonsalves (MG), Tom Dusmet (TD)

EC called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

EC asked the board if there was any declaration of pecuniary interest or conflict of interest. None were made.

Motion to accept the previous meeting minutes by CB, seconded by KTD. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (MG)

Treasurer’s Report (delivered by RS)
• We are in the process of transitioning the treasurer’s role. Tom is away for the month of June so the transition will begin next month. Tom has begun looking at the financial statements and will provide the report for July.
• Expenses incurred over the last few months are a bit higher due to Summerfest. The actuals will be a bit different as the Visa Cycle is delayed. Everything is on track and expenses are coming in as planned. Final numbers will be available at the end of the month.
• There is an increase in staff time due to our summer student and overlap in ED.
• Utilization projections are on track, key points: salaries are bit higher, miscellaneous is higher due to the ED search fees, revenues are still being accounted for.
• We have received verbal confirmation from CCRF that they will be sending the 12K, this will go into our 2022 budget, and placed directly into our reserve.
o SB moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. CB seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Council Reports

Local (KTD)

  • • KTD will be chairing the upcoming council meeting on June 19, the holiday event motion will be forwarded at this meeting, all relative information has been sent to staff for support.
    • KTD received more emails regarding graffiti on Main St, closer to Tremaine. KTD has sent the emails to the police, and they will forward them to the correct team. This specific person asked for wrapping more of the utility boxes with the graphics.
    • Two council meetings this month were split in half, nothing of urgency for the DMBIA.
    • Conservation Halton is releasing their floodplain mapping.
    • KTD attended a meeting with Conservation Halton and a known landowner that is looking for more development opportunities. Conservation Halton is not able to allow development currently.

Regional (CB)

• CB thanked KTD for putting together the motion for the winter event.
• The Regional council meeting today spoke about the downloading of regional functions to the local municipalities. Growth projections are going to be closer to the mobility hub and Britannia Road.
• Bronte St closure has been extended to June 30th, a paid duty officer will be onsite during the farmers market from 9 am – 1pm to relieve some of the pressure off Mill St, James St, and Main St
• Regional staff informed CB that the tender for the Tremaine Road Interchange has now been closed and are hoping to start the work in the next month.
• Still waiting to hear from Meritor regarding their planning application which should have a big effect on Downtown Milton.
o SB moved to accept the Council Reports. EP seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Executive Director’s Report (RS)

Executive Director’s Report (RS)
• ED transition – Rachel and Monique are wrapping up the final transition. Rachel’s last day will be Friday June 16th.
• We have been approved for two Canada Summer Jobs positions Maya’s last day is June 28th. The second student Zach will start on June 19th for July and August.
• Verbal confirmation from Canada Community Revitalization Fund (mural project to receive our final payment of 12K, pending auditing financials.
• 2024 Operating Budget discussions to begin next month regarding high level priorities, increases and large spends.
• Social media and promotions – Key focus was promoting SummerFest and the downtown businesses via videos. These promotions were well received.
• Summerfest was a big success reference Wrap Up Draft report for full details. Costs for the event are still under review due to the Visa Reconciliation. The final report will be provided.
• CB: provided two suggestions regarding SummerFest. 1. Advertise the free transit more, and to provide signage directing people to the bus stops. 2. Arrange parking with the fairground for additional space
• KTD: provided positive feedback regarding the Food Truck Zone, it was very beneficial having them in a separate location.
• RS: spoke about the challenge of getting the members involved. Soccer World, and Butcher Bar came out at the last minute. We continue to engage the members on a regular basis by providing events, social media posts, announcements, etc.
• KTD: Reviewed the details of bringing the Car Show back to Main St in Downtown Milton. MG, KTD, and Larry Green (Optimist Club) will be meeting to review the details.
• Car Show possibilities: Tentative date: Saturday September 16th, picky bagging off the Farmer’s Market Road closure, include a variety of cars (fast and furious cars) for the younger audience, extend the closure to Fulton St.
• Milton Farmers’ Market – We have two booths reserved every Saturday. The members are participating, and it has been well received. Participating members: Southside on Main, Muse Studio and Market, Fine Arts Society, Mill Town Cycle, Grace Church, and the Historical Society. We do have two openings, June 10 & 17, which the BIA is using. Our summer students will be onsite both days, we include a colouring table and giveaway.
• Chamber’s Community Awards have been put through. Julie Rock is nominating herself. Small business of the year: Mill Town Cycle Mid-sized business of the year: Ohana Family Salon Not-for-profit of the year: Fine Arts Society of Milton Sustainability excellence award: The Kind Matter Company
• Pretty Rad changed owners. Their re-opening was at Summerfest.
• Continuing to work on the implementation of the CRM database, there is an orientation call Thursday June 15. Lauren and I will be attending. Further information will be provided at the next board meeting.
• Winter Event: Delegation to Council is on June 19 @ 7 pm at Town Hall. Please feel free to attend for additional support. Speaking notes will be provided to KTD and a simple email will be sent to each councillor asking for their support and offering to answer questions.
• EC: asked if the Winter Event motion would be a one off or would this be a long-term solution. Would we be applying through the Community Fund annually. In terms of budget, we will need to commit this amount in our 2024 budget prior to the event taking place. This will need to be reviewed by the
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board and we must formulate our approach on how we are to budget this. Based on Rachel’s comments we will include a line item for these events in our 2024 budget.
• KTD: confirmed that this is a one-off solution and staff have requested that this cannot be a regular addition. Staff will expect to see this money dealt with in our own budget moving forward.
• RS: spoke towards the last paragraph in the motion, that there is a possibility that this negotiation could possibly be included in the budget. Staff understand that our need for stability is required, and they have shifted gears towards us by applying through the Community Fund.
• CB: commented on how Brampton goes out of their way to support their Winter Event and Burlington has the Sound of Music Festival, and the city runs the Santa Clause parade. Milton is behind the times, and we need to host community events.
• Flowers have been installed in the garden beds.
• Garden sponsorship program underway, not as many participants as we would have hoped. Participants: The Flower Shed Garden Centre, A.M. Professional Corporation, Bud’s Cannabis Store, Adam van Koeverden, CIE Property Management, Grace Anglican Church, and Mill Town Cycle.
• In May, increased litter clean-up frequency to once a week (paid for by BIA). Two part-time staff came out after the Farmers Market on June 17th for litter clean up, ABL Employee and Arnold. They worked from 10 am – 3 pm and filled 7 bags of garbage, this is something that is definitely needed. Our summer student will begin litter clean up on June 29.
• Cigarette Litter in Downtown Milton: The Kind Matter Company posted about this on Instagram, and it was very apparent during the clean ups leading up to Summerfest that this is a problem.
Suggestions provided by Monique to increase awareness via social media.
A Greener Future runs a Butt Blitz Campaign each Spring. We can bring this to downtown Milton to raise awareness.
We can purchase ashtray containers – $85.00 each to place them in random spots around downtown Milton. Do you feel this will set a precedence based on locations and controversy on who empties it?
Survey members to see if this is a cause of concern for them and split the costs of the ashtray?
Reach out to The Town for partial payment?
• KTD: Suggested that a notice be sent out to our members communicating that we are receiving complaints from our neighbours, and patrons in Downtown regarding the increase of cigarette butts. Partner with the Town on communications and have their public relations department put something together Town wide. Ashtray Containers may be difficult as we would need to ask the Town for money and then verify whose responsibility it would be to empty them. Connect with other BIAs to see how they tackle this problem.

New Business


o CB moved to adjourn. IC seconded the motion. Motion passed.
o EC – Meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm.