Last week the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford had the pleasure of stopping by Milton’s Lawn Bowling Club to play a few rounds with MPP Parm Gill. Welcomed by Mayor Gordon Krantz, club members and press, the two competed over a friendly game which at one point needed a measuring tape to be brought in. After three rounds Parm Gill was named the victor.

Originally found in 1913, Milton’s Lawn Bowling Club has become a staple in Milton’s historic downtown community. According to Mayor Krantz, the Milton Lawn Bowling Club has done a great job, most of which through their volunteer effort over the passed 100 years and in his opinion “is probably the greatest club there is in Ontario”.

During the 2017 fall AGM, members stated that the lawn bowling green lighting was very poor, espeicall playing east to west. This lead to the club applying for a grant through the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2019. Funding came through in 2020 for new lighting and installation comepleted in June of 2022