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Digital Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

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Website Builders/Content Management Systems (CMS): 

Free and low-cost applications/tools for building websites and managing social content and your business. 

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Digital Marketing: 

General digital marketing tools that can help you track who is visiting your website and how they are using it (user behaviour), manage email marketing campaignsbuild brand awareness and tell your story online (what is your business is about).

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Tools that can help you sell online and manage sales activities e.g. logistics, delivery, payment processing, etc. 

  • WooCommerce (Can be used with WordPress – Manges delivery, payments, logistics and much more) 
  • BigCommerce 
  • OpenCart (FREE E-commerce Shopping Cart System) 


Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are strategies to increase your rankings on search engines like Google so you can be more seen and drive more traffic to your website or store. Below tools can help you find relevant key words and increase visibility. 

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Online Visibility: 

Tools and platforms that can help customers find you more easily online and build your brand awareness. 

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Content Creation: 

Tools to help you create unique and engaging content e.g. visuals, pictures, infographics, animated videos, posters, or any sorts of predesigned graphics. 

  • Pixabay (Free high quality pictures Website) 
  • Shutter Stock (Free high quality pictures Website) 
  • Unsplash (Free high quality pictures Website) 

Social Media Marketing/Management: 

All-in-one tools to help you plan a social media schedule ahead of time to maximize engagement, automate posts and manage the analytics and performance of multiple social accounts all at once 

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Website Audit: 

Website audit tools allow you to see if your website is userfriendly, how the overall user experience is, if your website is SEO optimized, what kind of traffic you have, and how can you improve your website’s navigation and performance. 

Data Privacy: 

Data privacy protects personal, business and customer information. Effective data protection allows you to control who can access and share your company’s data and prevents data hacking. 

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Market Research & Trend Discovery 

Market research tools help you gain a deeper understanding of the competitive market by discovering new trends and opportunities related to your products & services.  

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