Q: Who is part of the BIA?
A: All property owners and business operators within the designated DMBIA boundaries are BIA members. There are over 180 members in the DMBIA. The defined BIA includes properties along Main Street approximately bounded by Bell Street to the West, Fulton Street to the East, Mill Street to the North and Mary Street to the South.

Q: Who pays for the BIA?
A: The BIA is funded by a mandatory tax levy paid by owners of all properties designated as industrial or commercial within the BIA boundaries. Property owners decide how to include BIA levy fees in their lease agreements with their tenants. There is no additional fee for business operators to be BIA members.

Q: Who runs the BIA?
A: The DMBIA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the membership and then appointed by the Town Council every 4 years. The Board oversees the planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of BIA activities keep inline with our mission and vision. The management and operations of the office are managed the Executive Director and Staff.

Q: I am a property owner or business operator in the BIA. What benefits do I get?
A: As a BIA member, you can take advantage of many exclusive benefits including:

Website Directory: You will be listed on the downtownmilton.com business directory and have the opportunity to include a description of your business, logo and other promotional tools.

Social Media Promotion: Downtown Milton BIA is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and uses these tools to promote our BIA members.

Event Organization: Throughout the year, the BIA hosts a variety of events and promotions to showcase Downtown Milton’s local businesses. Your participation in these events generates awareness for your business and demonstrates your community involvement.

Beautification: The BIA endevours to create a cohesive and colourful atmosphere in our Downtown community all year long by managing the purchase and maintenance of flower baskets, garden beds, banners and tree lights.

Contact the BIA office for more information and ideas about how to take advantage of your BIA membership.