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For those that are highly sensitive to energies around them, their environments, and find it difficult to be in groups of people, you may be an Empath. Maybe someone has told you that you are an Empath, or you intuitively feel that you are one.
In this workshop Susan will help you understand:
-What an Empath is
-What does it mean to be an Empath
-Why Empaths “feel” more anxious, introverted, and sensitive
-What the energy of an Empath looks like and how to manage your energy
-How to protect yourself energetically
-How to support yourself as an Empath and harness your intuition
In a safe and intimate setting Susan will show you ways to live more confidently and embrace your abilities to grow and thrive.
$65.00/person (This price already includes HST)
Tickets for this event MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE.
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