Yogurty’s – Your Destination for Food and Fun!

At Yogurty’s, it’s all about fun and it’s all about you! The personalized experience that you get while enjoying your favourite frozen treat is what sets Yogurty’s apart and makes it one of Downtown Milton’s most popular summer destinations.

Imagine the freedom to create the frozen yogurt dessert of your dreams, and the joy that comes along with it. At Yogurty’s, you can choose from an incredible array of flavour options, with something to satisfy any craving. Yogurt selections even extend to include low-fat or no-fat, vegan, gluten free or kosher, all with added probiotics.

What makes this experience even more unique? The amazing selection of toppings that are available for you to add to your treat, putting it together just the way you like. Add a little, or add a lot, it’s all part of the fun at Yogurty’s!

Yogurty’s has been a family favourite since opening their doors in 2012. Located at 147 Main Street East, this building was once occupied by a bank. A fun fact – you can still see the vaults that were originally in place for the bank. They are now used as storage rooms!

Belina, Yogurty’s manager in Milton, says it is great to be part of such a loving community. Her favourite part is the exciting reactions of guests as they see the special snack they are about to indulge in. Next time you stop in at Yogurty’s, make sure to ask the staff about their favourite flavours and secret combinations. Belina says, “We’re always here to help. We love to get to know our customers on a one-on-one basis.”

There are many tasty treats awaiting you at Yogurty’s! Plus, don’t forget to ask about froyo®Nation, their customer loyalty program.

To find out more, visit www.yogurtys.com.

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