Watch the Ward One All Candidates Meeting hosted by the Downtown Milton BIA

On September 19, 2018, the Downtown Milton BIA (DMBIA) hosted an All Candidates meeting at Southside Community Church. Candidates for Mayor, Ward 1 Regional Councillor, and Ward 1 Local Councillor were invited to attend. The DMBIA prepared a series of questions focused on Downtown Milton issues that were suggested by BIA members, local groups, and residents. Each candidate was given one minute to answer. Below you will find videos for each of the questions asked.

Moderator: Stacey Halliday, 101.3 MyFM

Mayoral Candidates:

Ward 1 Regional Councillor Candidates:

Ward 1 Town Councillor Candidates:

A sincere thank you to our candidates for joining us and making this meeting possible. We did receive regrets from two candidates for Regional Councillor – Hassu Bihari and Farroq Azam.

Question 1: 
Please take a minute to tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to run in the upcoming election.

Question 2: 
What, if any, policy or by-law changes do you believe would help more small businesses come to and succeed in Downtown Milton?

Question 3: 
What is your opinion on supporting the preservation of Milton’s significant and rich heritage through:
a) promoting heritage designation and
b) preventing the demolition of heritage buildings wherever possible?

Question 4:
A large portion of the area within Downtown Milton is located in a floodplain. What are your perspectives on our current floodplain regulations and do you think any changes are needed?

Question 5:
Activities and events help bring people together and help them connect with people and businesses in our community. What can be done to further support the events we have here and bring more initiatives to Downtown Milton?

Question 6:
What do you think should be done to help make Downtown Milton as safe as possible for residents, visitors and businesses? What can be done to reduce crime and drugs in our community?

Question 7:
If you get elected or re-elected, will you support the chair of Halton in ensuring that crime within the Halton area is not only reported but properly investigated and the people held accountable? [Asked by the audience]

Question 8:
Given that we’re the youngest Town, with the average age being at 34 and the legalization of marijuana is coming into play right around the prime time of summer, What are each one of your individual thoughts on that and how do you think that is going to affect the Town of Milton given that Downtown Milton especially is one of the dense areas of the young population and what measures can we take in place to make sure that this legalization doesn’t spiral the safety in Milton downwards? [Asked by the audience]

Question 9:
What is your greatest strength? [Asked by the audience]

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