Sweets, Science and a Sense of Community – Get it all at Ice Cream Lab

Sweets, Science and a Sense of Community – Get it all at Ice Cream Lab


Ice Cream Lab offers a variety of delicious foods and a fun place to visit with friends and family! One of the things that makes Ice Cream Lab so unique is that their ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen before your eyes. This means that each serving of ice cream is made to order, completely fresh and a lesson in science!

Founded by Sean Mills and his wife, Yvonne Oliveira, in June of 2016, Ice Cream Lab became an instant hit. Long-time residents of Milton and active in the community, Sean and Yvonne work to bring the people together and provide a place to come for good food, fun, and family.

Sean and Yvonne recently relocated Ice Cream Lab to 212 Main Street East and added the Bake Shop, Café and Market Place to their business. You can now pair your delicious ice cream treat with a tasty brownie, muffin, hand-made donut, cinnamon bun, or more! They also offer a range of beverages, including coffee, espresso, tea, and many other hot and cold specialty beverages.

You don’t want to miss their marketplace, which showcases lots of great locally-made products. According to Sean, “the marketplace promotes local vendors and artisans that represent our great town and the many talented people within it.”

It is evident that Sean and Yvonne are passionate about their business. “The greatest satisfaction we receive is from seeing the smiling faces of our customers. The children’s eyes light up when they see the cool nature of making ice cream from liquid nitrogen. We love providing an opportunity for families to bond and learn,” says Sean.

Keep your eye out for special events and classes, game nights, and food specials as Ice Cream Lab continues to grow!

Find out more at www.icecreamlab.ca.


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