Classy, Jazzy and Bursting with Flavour – Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate

Classy, Jazzy and Bursting with Flavour – Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate

Downtown Milton’s newest dessert shop, Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate, offers handcrafted gourmet chocolates, French macarons and fine desserts in a stylish, jazz lounge setting. It is a must-visit for all self-proclaimed dessert lovers and those looking for a unique chocolate experience.

The shop invites guests to experience their harmony of flavours by offering a variety of artisan chocolate truffle collections. The innovative dessert truffles inspired by world cuisine and popular foods and drinks, will surprise your taste buds with perfectly balanced 70% Belgian dark chocolate and vanilla ganaches. What makes Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate unique is that their fresh truffles are made with the highest quality ingredients, no preservatives and no sugar added.

The chocolate business was founded by Natasha Romero Medrano in 2015, when she began making her own truffle flavours and sharing them with friends at their “Chocoholics Anonymous” parties. One of the first flavours she created was “Miss Bailey Brown”, a Bailey’s Irish Cream and brownie truffle after which her business was named. Orders started pouring in from friends and a few years later, her classy, New Orleans-inspired chocolate shop opened at 13 Charles Street, Unit 102 in Downtown Milton.

“Making chocolate truffles taps into my joy of cooking and creating.” says Natasha. She is a passionate chef who loves inspiring people and passing on her skills and talents. She shares her creativity and love of chocolate-making through workshops, wine pairings and chocolate tastings at the new shop. “I fell in love with the world of chocolate, as it is similar to the cultures of winemaking, coffee beans and teas.”

As an entrepreneur with many talents, Natasha had previously opened a dance studio after an extensive career in restaurant management. She continues with her love of dance by hosting live jazz and salsa lessons at her shop in the evenings.

Looking for a delectable gift, to satisfy your own dessert craving, or a cool new spot to visit with friends? Visit Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate today and check out some of their upcoming events!

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