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2 for 1 special for each attending guest applies to this workshop!  Each guest will have an additional pre-designed project to choose from at the event. We will email with the design file after registration

This booking allows you to save a date with us for a public event.

1.  The cost includes a custom sign 12×12 or 2 ft wide door mat.  Please email us to let us know you would like to upgrade to an alternative project and will pay the difference at the event.  For example, if you choose to do a 4ft porch board $30+tax will be due when you come to create.

2. Coming with a friend, the cost includes two custom 12×12 sign boards or 2 ft wide door mats and you can both choose to upgrade to alternative projects and the difference will be paid at the workshop.  You can make different projects from each other, you don’t have to create the same items.

3. You are coming to create with two friends.  The cost includes Three custom 12×12 signboards or 2 ft door mats.  The three of you can choose to upgrade to alternative projects.  The difference in cost for your individual upgrades would be paid at the studio when you come to create.

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