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Does your little one, or teen have trouble calming down, regulating their emotions or sitting to get school work done?

Many of the kids we work with say they have trouble turning off their brain to go to bed, they have butterflies or an upset tummy from anxiety. Do you have difficulty going to busy, loud public places with your child? Is sleep time the hardest part of the day?

Feeling like their kid’s gas pedal is all the way down to the floor, going 100 km/hr all the time is something we hear from parents a lot.

At this free live workshop you’ll be able to get answers and actions steps to immediately make changes in your kid’s life and your life.

You can get answers that could help your child’s concentration, grades, temperament and sleep issues, know the steps forward to calming the master control system of the body, and even find the missing piece of the puzzle that nobody has addressed!

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