September 2018

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area

Board Meeting Minutes (September 12, 2018)

Location: Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

In attendance:John Da Silva, Colin Best, Eric Chabot, Valerie Nicholson, David O’Connell, Margaret Lara, Sara Bergsma, Rachel Shuttleworth

Regrets: Troy Newton

Guests:Kristina Tesser, Sukh Brar

Call to order:6:33 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest


Previous minutes

MOTION to approve August meeting minutes by Colin, seconded by Sara

Acknowledgement of guest

  • Kristina Tesser, Sukh Brar

Council Report

  • Council approved the adoption of the Civic Precinct Report by the Town
  • Councilor Best will be meeting with all parties involved in the discussions on the repairs to the Carriage Square bridge and moving those discussions forward
  • Walking tours of various downtown neighbourhoods taking place in September and early October – organized by the Town to get feedback from people about their neighbourhoods
  • Main Street West between Bronte and Whitmer will be closed Friday at 5:00 p.m. to Monday at 9:00 a.m. for construction
  • Municipal election coming on October 22
  • Update on TSC building (5 acres on west side of Bronte) – Developer is waiting until after the municipal elections to move ahead with next steps

MOTION to accept Council Report by David, seconded by Sara

Treasurer’s Report

  • Overview of 2019 budget:
  • Provides some additional resources for the office to support growing needs and help keep the course steady during ED mat leave period
  • We are not looking for a change in vision during 2019 year
  • Summer events – slight drop to 2019 DMSF budget
  • Rent, contracts are similar
  • Beautification – some efficiencies with new landscaping service provider
  • We would like new banners for next year, but it will depend on whether or not we can find savings from elsewhere to cover the costs
  • Not tapping into reserve for 2019
  • Donations and sponsorship – up this year, but expected to remain steady for 2019
  • 2018 – may see a small surplus amount
  • We depend on the student grant to cover our student costs
  • Tax levy – 3.5% increase
  • We believe there is flexibility in this budget
  • Tax write-offs – keeping that amount as is

MOTION to accept 2019 budget by Colin, seconded by Valerie

MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Colin, seconded by David

ED Report


  • Lease extension agreement finalized and signed
  • Board of Directors – Three open positions will be available at the end of this term. At the January 2019 meeting, vote in new board members (two applications received to date) and will select the treasurer. All board members and board applicants are asked to consider taking on the Treasurer role. Current term ends December 31. Rachel to confirm whether Town reaches out to the community with a call for new applicants.
  • Received lots of interest in the Executive Director contract, currently reviewing applications and options for coverage
  • Annual General Meeting & All Candidates Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 19, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (AGM starts at 6:30 p.m., All Candidates Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.)
  • 40 tickets reserved to date including board members (not including most candidates as well as BIA staff)
  • 9 of the 10 candidates confirmed they will be participating
  • All Candidates Meeting moderator is Stacey Halliday, 101.3 MyFM


  • Vacancy rate for August – Estimated 5% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Downtown/member updates – Complaints from BIA member about late-night noise, evidence from drinking/drugs on the street, discussion about the need to clean up areas around Mill Pond on Milton Area Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group (needles, bottles found there)

Marketing and Promotions

  • Recent coverage on the Sounds of Summer Sidewalk Sale in Snapd Milton, the Champion and on the Milton Villager website
  • Recent profile on Yogurty’s (contest winner) in Snapd and on our website
  • Upcoming article on Downtown Milton in Perspective Milton (distribution is: 140k Globe & Mail inserts, 50k households and businesses in Milton, 10k community centres, arenas, Town Hall, etc.)

Government Relations

  • Working to coordinate a date with MPP Gill to discuss Downtown Milton issues
  • BIA Board position and recommendations on refreshment vehicles
  • Developed a document outlining the Downtown Milton BIA’s position and some recommendations on refreshment vehicle regulations for Downtown Milton
  • Summary: The Downtown Milton BIA Board does not believe that having refreshment vehicles on private or public property in Downtown Milton on a regular or continuous basis is in the best interest of our local restaurant industry. However, we support the right of our members to partner with the owners of these vehicles on a temporary basis and (on private property) to add a unique and innovative experience to visitors in Downtown Milton. We recommend that the Town implement rules governing these vehicles and limit the time and duration that they can operate in Downtown Milton.
  • Amendments to the position & recommendations discussed and noted.

MOTION to submit the amended Position and Recommendations on Refreshment Vehicles to the Town (copy to Bylaw office, Bill Mann, Town Clerk, Treasurer) by David, seconded by Valerie


Sounds of Summer Sidewalk Sale – Event Report

  • Review of event summary report:
  • Event was relatively small but overall, it was a success
  • Recommendation to continue running this event and finding ways to grow it in the future
  • Staff time spent on the event similar to Halloween and Easter event, but will be less in the future (everything was new this year as it was our first time running it)
  • Member satisfaction rates in line with Car Show and DMSF and a bit lower than Easter
  • 38% of members that responded to survey reported higher revenues that day
  • Visitor satisfaction a bit lower than other events other events (not a serious concern as this was the first time running this event so visitor satisfaction expected to go up as event grows and improves)
  • 81% of visitors that responded to survey said the event increased their awareness of the shops, restaurants, services and amenities in Downtown Milton
  • 74% of visitors heard of the event through social media
  • Statistics shared on social media results
  • In future, close event at 5pm instead of 6pm, encourage greater participation from members

Downtown Milton Street Festival discussion

  • Town of Milton staff are concerned with the rising costs and staff time invested to host the Street Festival. They plan to send a report to Council
  • Town staff asked the BIA to consider other options for running the Street Festival
  • Other concerns raised by the Town of rising costs involved in running the event, safety, crowds/bottlenecking, etc.
  • Review and discussion of draft report from Town of Milton
  • Discussion about benefits of this event for our members and the community (awareness raising for Downtown and businesses, revenue generation for many businesses, single biggest event in Milton that brings people of all ages and cultures out to celebrate Milton, creates civic pride)
  • ACTION: Rachel to respond to Joy about their draft Council Report
  • Eric to be a delegate at the September 24 Council Meeting to express BIA’s continued commitment to the event and that we require the Town’s support to keep it going (Rachel to coordinate with Clerk’s Office)

Tiny Tots Trick or Treat

  • Some sponsors confirmed already for the event, currently seeking additional sponsorship for the event
  • Discussing some plans and additions (prizes, activations) to the event with the potential Gold Sponsor
  • Logistics planning underway, marketing to begin in a couple weeks
  • Initial contact established with the Ladies’ Auxiliary at Milton District Hospital

Other Events

  • Milton Farmers’ Market – Last day is October 6
  • Culture Days – September 28-30
  • Milton Candidate Forum (public meeting with all candidates in the Municipal Election, hosted by the Milton Chamber of Commerce, EventOntario and YourTV) – September 29
  • Doors Open Milton – September 30



  • Flowers to be removed at the end of September
  • Doing final thank yous to 2018 garden sponsors


  • Seeking quotes/ongoing discussions on the following:
    • Decommissioning receptacles
    • Renting generators for events
    • Installation of 5-6 bollards with power – most durable solution, but would be costly
    • Develop an agreement with Chamber to use their power boxes (that doesn’t cover very much of the street)
    • Install outlets on street poles (contractor recommends that they be removed before the winter)
    • Flexible outlets secured to trees or tree cages (in place in Burlington)
  • Several quotes still coming in for the above options – A more fulsome review of the options and a recommendation to come at the next meeting
  • Have spoken to Operations Department at the Town about using flags or pylons to mark the receptacles in the winter. That was done in the past, but some receptacles still got damaged.

MOTION to accept ED Report by Colin, seconded by Valerie

New Business

  • Planning Department will have a booth at the Farmers’ Market talking about planning projects
  • Milton Mall is up for sale
  • Town has sold the Works Yard
  • Election coming up October 22 – be sure to vote!

MOTION to adjourn at 8:22 by John, seconded by Valerie

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