October 2018

Board Meeting Minutes (October 14, 2018)

In attendance:John Da Silva, Colin Best, Eric Chabot, Valerie Nicholson, David O’Connell, Margaret Lara, Sara Bergsma, Troy Newton, Rachel Shuttleworth

Guests:Sukh Brar, Maria Pasqualino, Carlo Pasqualino

Call to order:6:30 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest:None

Previous minutes

MOTION to approve September meeting minutes by Valerie, seconded by Margaret

Council Report

  • Meritor Site at 150 Steeles Ave. E (just north of Downtown Milton) – Town staff looking at mixed use property
  • Article on Milton’s civic precinct and revitalization in Downtown Milton published in recent edition of Novae Res Urbis – Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. Focus of article is that Milton is seeking a partner to participate in the project. (NRU – shares news about people, activities and services of municipal government and urban planning)
  • Last month, 128 new homes were built in Milton. Monthly average is 150 new homes per month
  • Current phase of Martin Street watermain and wastewater system repair/replacement work will be done in the next week or two. The next phase will begin after that. The Region just mailed another update on the project to local residents and businesses. Anyone looking for further information can contact the Project Manager at Halton Region Kane Rocha
  • Construction work on Steeles Avenue will be complete in October 2019
  • Election is on October 22 – remember to vote!
  • Carriage Square bridge – Back and forth between Conservation Halton and the Town on who would cover the cost for the repair works to the bridge. Repairs costs will sit with Conservation Halton. Conservation Halton does not currently have room in the budget to cover repairs so the work will be deferred to a later time

MOTION to accept Council Report by David, seconded by Troy

Holiday Street Market Discussion with Guests Maria and Carlo

  • Introduction: Maria and Carlo Pasqualino are from Pasqualino, a fine dining, Italian restaurant on Main Street East

Maria & Carlo:

  • We are business owners, property owners and tax payers in Downtown Milton and the Downtown Milton BIA has a responsibility to represent our interests and the interests of its members first and foremost
  • Members pay a levy for the BIA to operate and should not have to incur additional fees to be able to participate in downtown events
  • With respect to the Holiday Street Market, we feel our interests are being ignored
  • The Downtown Milton BIA has a fiduciary duty to represent the interests of its members and we feel it is not doing this. The agreement with Vaulted Inc was poorly negotiated in that it allows the organizers to take a kick-back from BIA members through a token system
  • Members already pay the levy to be downtown and should not have to choose between participating in an event under unfavourable terms or excluding themselves from the event.
  • Members running patios are already incurring high costs associated with setting up their patios (equipment, furniture, décor, staffing, etc.)
  • Margins in the food business are very slim and it will not be economical for us to give 25% of patio sales revenues to a third party
  • There are logistical challenges associated with running two different lines from one kitchen (one for food orders from inside and one for food orders from outside on the patio) so we want to serve food from outside
  • The token system will lead to bottle-necks at ticket booths, force people to wait in line twice to get food, lower the level of satisfaction of community members at the event and decrease revenues for BIA members
  • As business owners, we do not agree that the BIA should be making decisions on behalf of our business
  • We have been waiting a week to hear back from the Town’s legal department on whether the token system is legal or whether it violates any laws – expecting a response back from Rachel as soon as possible on what the Town says on this matter


  • I have seen the token system in use in other events. I do not like the token system and do not support it
  • That said, I support the idea of having the Holiday Street Market here because I see it as a way to provide a large amount of exposure for the community. It brings large crowds of people to Downtown Milton and puts people in front of my business and other businesses. I support this event because of the greater good it brings to the community
  • It comes down to money – the BIA does not have money or resources to run a full winter event like this ourselves so if we want the event, we need to rely on a third party


  • The costs and all the liabilities associated with the event are taken on by Vaulted Inc. for the Holiday Street Market, not the BIA
  • The road closure and other permits are between Vaulted Inc and the Town, not the BIA
  • The Holiday Street Market is not run by the BIA so we have limited influence over how they organize and operate the event

Treasurer’s Report

  • As expected, we will be higher on part-time staffing line item than we originally budgeted for
  • Miscellaneous Goods and Services – over budget (largely due to furniture expense early this year) so we are monitoring that budget line
  • Anticipate some budget surplus for 2018

MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Colin, seconded by David

ED Report



  • Board of Directors – Town Clerk’s Office requested that our Board votes on new Board members at our December meeting so they can meet their deadlines for bringing the names to Council in January. Rachel will send out one more call to members for anyone interested in joining the board.
  • Interim Executive Director has been selected, currently finalizing the agreement. Start date set for October 29 (but she will support with the Halloween event and come for some initial orientation at the office the week prior to that)
  • Annual General Meeting & All Candidates Meeting
    • Around 100 people attended the event (around 50 at the AGM)
    • AGM provided members with an opportunity to hear what we’ve been doing and connect with each other. No questions from members raised the AGM
    • Lots of interest in the All Candidates meeting from the general public
    • Videos of All Candidates Meeting questions currently posted on our website and being shared through social media


  • Vacancy rate for September – Estimated 4% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Downtown/member updates – Complaints from BIA member about impact of Martin Street construction on their business, new businesses include Benjamin Moore/Mill Street Paint, Escarpment Sports Medical Centre (former Muse building), Best Brains (tutoring) at 310 Main St.

Marketing and Promotions

  • This month, we reached 4,000 likes to our Facebook page
  • Downtown Milton article published on Downtown Milton in Perspective Milton(distribution: 140k Globe & Mail inserts, 50k households and businesses in Milton, 10k community centres, arenas, Town Hall, etc.)
  • New Downtown Milton brochures provides information on what great things to see and do in Downtown Milton. They have been distributed to members to display at their businesses.
  • Recent profile on Miss Bailey Brown Chocolates published in Snap’d and on our website and shared through social media

Government Relations

  • Recent meeting with MPP Parm Gill to provide more information on the Downtown Milton BIA and discuss provincial issues that important to our members. Discussion on the floodplain, etc.


Downtown Milton Street Festival discussion

  • Meeting held with Downtown Milton BIA and Town representatives about the event. Town staff raised some of the challenges related to the Street Festival (related to staffing, risk management, costs, etc)
  • Town staff currently working on a proposal on how they could continue to the support the event if the BIA were to take it on. Follow up meeting scheduled for later this month

Tiny Tots Trick or Treat

  • Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Around 37 members confirmed to date that will participate by handing out goodies. Some members will be running activities in their stores as well (Ice Cream Lab – Not-so-scary Haunted House, Miss Bailey Brown – Monster crafts, So Charming – Meet the Princesses, etc.)
  • No candy donation received this year
  • Did a public call out for volunteers and received a good response on that. Town-sanctioned volunteer training required for participating volunteers
  • Will be giving out Trick or Treat bags for people that donate to the Milton District Hospital again this year (volunteers for this will be from Milton District Hospital Auxiliary)
  • Two charitable partners, each will receive 50% of the donations: Hospital’s Foundation and Auxiliary
  • Sponsors secured for bronze, silver and gold levels (close to $4,000 raised)
  • Will be running a scavenger hunt at the event. With support from our Gold Sponsor, we will be giving $250 gift card for Great Wolf Lodge for the scavenger hunt winner
  • Troy’s Diner offered to provide coupons for 100 free milkshakes which we will include in the Trick or Treat bags (could require a minimum donation for bags)

Holiday Street Market

  • Saturdays, December 1 and 8, 12:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Currently working to ensure all members interested in having a booth at the event have signed up, and finding out who will be running holiday-themed workshops or activities at the event
  • No confirmation yet on whether the event will run to Martin Street or Commercial Street (depends on number of external vendors interested)
  • Concerns raised from restaurant members on the token system and providing a portion of revenues to external event organizer
  • Rachel will continue trying to reach the Risk Department at the Town to find out if token system is in violation of any laws – concerned restaurant member is awaiting a response from us on that



  • Flowers to be removed this week
  • Planning a debrief session with the contractor this month to share feedback and suggestions for next year (thank you Sara and Valerie for the valuable input on this)


  • Full review of options to reduce costs on receptacle repairs is currently underway
  • Options with the most potential to date (we are further investigating these options currently):
    • Ensure better lighting/marking around current receptacles so damage from snow plows is reduced
    • Removal of current receptacles and installation of a smaller number of more durable power poles on the street
  • Other options explored:
    • Decommissioning receptacles and using rented generators and power from the Chamber’s boxes for our events
      • Challenges: High recurring costs to rent generators each year for each event, staff/volunteer time required during event to manage generators, drop off and pick-up times for generators do not coincide with times for our event
    • Install outlets on street poles (would need to be removed before the winter)
      • Challenges: Recurring costs to install and uninstall each year, outlets not very durable, Town manages street light poles
    • Some street lamps are out – Rachel to reach out to the Town to identify which ones needs to be repaired so that gets done
    • David to provide contact information for electrical contractor – discuss receptacles with him
    • Rachel to see if electrical contractor has something they can use to cover the location where the string lights plug in to help avoid the plug coming out due to wind and weather

Christmas Wreaths

  • Wreaths be installed on the street poles following the Remembrance Day Parade in November
  • Suggestion provided by Board members for potential sponsors for Holiday Wreath Program (Depending on level of sponsorship, benefits include exposure on our website, on social media, in media materials, on community board, in community e-newsletter, in video, at Holiday Street Market, etc.) – Suggestions include: Traffic Link Service, Miovision, Chudleigh’s, Springridge, Golf Courses (Colin has a contact at Pipers Heath), Lumberville, Benjamin Moore, etc.

MOTION to adjourn meeting at 8:02 p.m. by Colin, seconded by John


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