November 2018

Downtown Milton BIA Board Minutes for Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

In attendance:John Da Silva, Colin Best, Valerie Nicholson, David O’Connell, Margaret Lara, Rachel Shuttleworth, Sukh, Kristina, Cheryl

Regrets: Eric, Sara,Troy

Call to order:6:45 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest: None

Previous minutes:  No comments

Treasurer’s Report

  • Review of treasurer’s report
  • JD’s term will be ending this year. He reviewed the role of treasurer for the board.
  • Role is an opportunity for anyone to take ownership, expand on the strategy
    • To be a board member you need to be a business owner or a landlord, but this board should recognize the value of having community members involved and provide value – something that needs to be revisited to reduce barriers to community members join board
  • Responsibilities:
    • Two types of reports – detailed and summary
    • Discussions with Town to trouble shoot, make corrections as needed
    • Have signing authority on cheques, payroll sheets, etc
    • Administrative side – input data in template that John created (this can be automated)

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report by Colin, seconded by Margaret

Council Report

  • Election:
    • Election on October 22.
    • All candidates meeting was well-received
  • Construction:
    • Steeles – to be completed in October 2019
    • Construction is ongoing on Martin
  • TOM Budget:
    • December 10 is the first budget meeting, budgets will be coming out on Tuesday for councillors to review. This budget will be tighter than in the past
  • Other:
    • Cannabis laws coming
    • Since floodplain and civic precinct would be coming could make sense to have two councillors on board
    • TOM won’t be doing outdoor skating rinks

MOTION to accept Council Report by Margaret, seconded by Valerie

ED Report – November 14, 2018


Board Election – December meeting

Per the request from the Town Clerk’s Office, we are required to vote on new Board Members at the December meeting. In preparation:

  • We did a call out for new Board Members in the last Member Update email.
  • John will speak to BOD about the Treasurer’s position in more detail at this meeting.


  • Cheryl’s first day was Monday, Oct. 29
  • Rachel’s last day before her maternity leave starts is this Friday, Nov. 16

Member News

  • Vacancy Rate: October Vacancy rate remains essentially unchanged at 4.2% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • New Businesses:
    • It was confirmed at this month’s Chamber Government Relations Meeting that the former TD Bank location across the street has been sold to Queen’s Corp. Group.
      • They reportedly want to do a mix of residential with retail below and initial plans are for 3 stories with the possibility of more – are located within the floodplain which will impact what development they can do.
      • Many people buying up properties and sitting on them even if zoning isn’t what they want it to be right now
    • Snapology – participated in Tiny Tots but won’t be operational until January.
  • Member group led by Landlords (Clements) have a meeting scheduled with Parm Gill about the Flood Plain on Friday, Nov. 16 – watch for updates about this – also working with them to get some documentation on floodplain
  • Yogurty’s will be closing over the winter months for the first time – closed from November 19 to March. Planning to close due to increased minimum wage and associated staffing costs.
    • Could ask the landlord to at least put lights on a timer so it doesn’t look dead there

Marketing and Promotion

Government Relations

  • The DBIA submitted a position paper on Food Trucks/Refreshment Trucks to the Town of Milton and the Halton Region Health Department. There has not been any comments from TOM yet. See attachment.
  • We have received a proposal from the town on the DMSF. As is, the proposal is not feasible for the DBIA.  We are in talks with the town to negotiate a proposal that is workable.


Tiny Tots Trick or Treat 2018

Key Highlights:

  • We saw approximately 3,000 people on the street for this event.
  • Members reported having between 600 and 1,000 trick or treaters at their stores.
  • Title Sponsor Safari Children’s Dentistry was very happy with the results and especially with the results of the Trick or Treat bag sales as well as the Scavenger Hunt (Scavenger Hunt entrants had to drop off the ballots at Safari on Bronte and 64 ballots were returned.)
  • Attracts lots of younger kids
  • Could look at scaling the event – footprint, more vendors
  • Hospital
  • For full details, see Wrap up Report

Holiday Street Market Update

  • We have been meeting with Phil to work on the layout of the street with a focus on ensuring that BIA members have optimum placement if they have a booth and that we are mindful of not placing a competing vendor in front of our members.
  • Christine has posted the Event pages for the 1st& Dec. 8thmarkets with a link to the Holiday Street Market websiteand a description of Member activity if available.
  • Promotion of member activity at the Holiday Street market began on social media this week. We are working to get the final few activity descriptions from members.
  • There are 9 BIA members who have purchased a booth through Vaulted Inc. including the Bistro which has a special agreement with Vaulted Inc. to run an “Everything Milton Market” in the municipal lot in front of the Restore. This will hold 10 vendors including Hair Associates and Miss Bailey Brown Chocolates.
  • About 15 members doing activities, 9 doing booths
  • Boundaries – Bell Street to Commercial Street

Beautification – Holiday Preparations

  • Lighting – Holley Electric has been busy replacing string lights on the street poles and checking any street lighting that is out. Thanks to David for helping compile a list of street poles that needed attention.
  • Wreaths – The contractor will be hanging wreaths over the next two days so that they are in place for the Santa Claus Parade this Saturday, Nov. 18.
    • Gordon Food Service (GFS) has agreed to be a Bronze sponsor this year ($500).
    • We are testing wreath banners this year in the hopes of selling additional sponsorships in 2019.
    • Wreaths and banners for Gordon Food Service, DMBIA, BANG! And Spareparts will be spread out along Main Street so that we can test appearance, readability and durability. We’ll also be able to photograph the wreaths and banners to help promote the program next year.
    • Could have spotlights there to show the wreaths at night – Cheryl to cost that out (could do just for the 5 where we have banners)

 Electrical Receptacles

 Background:  There are 42 receptacles along Main Street placed in the tree beds for DBIA vendor use during events such as the DMSF and Car Show.  The receptacles are located at various heights about the beds and in various locations within them.  The receptacles were installed by TOM and the power bill is paid by TOM.  The DBIA is responsible for repair and replacement costs.

Issue: The receptacles suffer damage from various causes over the winter and as a result the DBIA must repair them each spring. The costs to repair them has been rising each year and in 2018 amounted to about $7,000. This expenditure is unsustainable.

Status: In a recent conversation with Jim Cartwright – TOM Director, Operations Rachel was informed that TOM puts a hard stop on all electrical work from November 15 to April 15 which means that we will have to wait for the Spring at the earliest to initiate any permanent solution.

Rachel and Jim have come up with the following plan for this winter.

  1. Cheryl to purchase flag markers and place them at each receptacle in order to mark them for snow removal crews.
  2. Jim will speak with snow removal contractors and tell them that they must not go within 1 meter of the tree beds when clearing the sidewalk or removing snow.

In the meantime, Cheryl will continue to investigate options for a more permanent solution.

  • JD: Doesn’t make sense to spend money on flags. We need a proper engineered solution. Get a contractor that can provide some options, costs

MOTION to accept ED Report by Colin, seconded by Valerie

MOTION to adjourn by Colin, seconded by Valerie

Next Meeting:December 2018 meeting at Troy’s – December 12/18

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