May 2019

Board of Director’s MeetingMinutes
Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Location: Chamber Boardroom  6:30 p.m.

Attendees:David O’Connell (DO), Eric Chabot (EC), Colin Best (CB), Margaret Lara (ML), Sara Bergsma (SB), Sukh Brar (SBr), Cheryl Ciccarelli (CC).

Guests:Joe Taglieri (JT),  Alan Cooke (AC), Melani Bastians (MB)

Regrets:Miguel Gonsalves (MG), Troy Newton (TN), Kristina Tesser Derksen (KTD),

DO called the meeting to order at 6.31pm.

DO introduced Melani Bastians (MB) – owner of The Green Eatery and the Undone Food Truck on Mary as well as representative of the Milton Public Market (MPM).

  • MB noted that has operated the Undone Food Truck for a couple of years and has in the past asked why not they were not considered part of the BIA.
    • CB welcomed MB to the meeting and the BIA. CB noted that membership in the BIA is based on property assessment.
  • MB noted that as of April 1, 2019, she is now the owner of The Green Eatery and wants to give back to the DBIA
  • MB also noted that she is a part of the Milton Public Market. As such, she will act as a liaison between the MPM and the DBIA. MB related a new offer from Phil Sous of the MPM.  (Note: Phil emailed offer to CC after meeting and details will be published in in Member Newsletter.)
    • MB also talked about opportunities for BIA members to become “Community Partners”.
      • MB noted that there would be a special arrangement where BIA members could customize their offer for so that it could be something other than 10% discount ie: money off purchase or special offer. No charge for BIA members to become a community partner – cost would be in discount/offer.
    • Board asked questions about Memberships, Community Partners program and number of vendors expected.
  • DO thanks MB for attending. MB stayed for remainder of meeting.

DO asked the table if there was any declaration of pecuniary interest or conflict of interest.  No declarations were made.

DO asked the group to review the previous meeting minutes.

  • CB noted that 1 correction needed to be made to the May ED Report. Work being done is on Main Street West not East.
  • SB moved to accept the minutes as presented.CB seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (attached).

  • MG was absent but sent his Treasurer’s report for review.
  • CB moved to accept the treasurer’s report. SB seconded the motion. Motion passed.

CB presented both the regional and local Councillor report.

  • Regional report:
    • Strategic plan meeting details online at comments accepted to May 24. Work plan for next 4 years.
    • Bronte construction should be cleared in 4 nights
    • Report from province to come on Government Structure
  • Locally: construction on Main continues
    • SB asked about the timeline. CB: ends in August.  We are in the most intensive part now.

ML moved to accept the Council report as presented. SBr seconded the motion.  Motion Passed.

CC presented the Executive Director’s Report (attached).

Budget and budget control

  • CC noted that the CJS grant was lower than anticipated and recommended that funds currently set aside for Banners be redirected to cover the shortfall of the grant.
  • CB made a motion to ok the use of Banner funds for Summer Student staffing. ML seconded the motion. Motion passed


  • CC noted that there are 8 receptacles in need of repair but that based on previous repair bills, a new strategy was needed in order to fit within budget.
    • CB: suggests we explore other options.
    • EC made a motion to spend money on a possible solution. SBr seconded motion. Motion passed.

Classic Car Show

  • CC expressed concern over tight budget for Car Show. Noted that Gallinger had pulled out as sponsor this year.
  • BOD suggested several possible sponsors. Suggested that increased sponsorship could offset overages in budget. CC to investigate.


  • BIA will continue to explore option for the event including partnerships with event organizers.

SB made a motion to accept the ED’s report.  SBr seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Other Business:

Potential New Members:

  • DO noted that we have two potential new members but only 1 open spot according to constitution.
  • EC noted that to open a second spot requires a change to the constitution which is a long process. In addition, there are more issues to consider than just expansion of the board. A full review of constitution is required.
    • EC invited JT and AC to continue to attend Board meetings and participate in discussions until a spot opens up. JT and AC agreed.

Durante Property

  • EC asked about Durante request for letter of support.
  • JT asked if board was supportive. EC noted that we are supportive of growth and development.
  • CC relayed that she had responded to Durante that we would provide a letter of support and he was appreciative.

DMSF Vendor Complaint

  • EC advised that a previous vendor had called him to discuss an incident between the vendor and a barricade volunteer that had resulted in the vendor being banned from future DMSF events. The board discussed the situation and recommended changes to the vendor agreement and volunteer training.  CC to discuss at DMSF committee.

Next Meeting

  • BOD agreed to move the June meeting from June 19 to June 12

SB made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  SBr seconded the motion.  Motion passed.





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