May 2018

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area

Board Meeting Minutes (May 9, 2018)

Location: Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

In attendance: Sara Bergsma, Colin Best, John Silva, Eric Chabot, Margaret Lara, David O’Connell, Rachel Shuttleworth

Regrets: Mike Boughton, Troy Newton, Valerie Nicholson

Call to order: 6:44 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest


Previous minutes

MOTION to approve amended April meeting minutes by Colin, seconded by Margaret

Treasurer’s Report

  • Regular transactions for month of April
  • Charity rebate was originally $5,500, has been corrected to $3,700, John contesting remaining amount with the Town. Councillor Best suggested emailing him, Councillor Boughton and the Commissioner for support with this.
  • Costs are coming for the summer events, lots of expenses are likely coming for May

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report by Colin, seconded by Margaret

Council Report

  • Local election is underway – good time for members to raise issues that are important to them with candidates
  • Reminder that downtown is Ward 1
  • Council has approved 4-8 story buildings for some parts of Milton (including some parts of downtown but outside the BIA boundaries)
  • Conservation Halton is removing the 60+ year old bridge behind Carriage Square. The Town will be installing a new steel pedestrian bridge there (similar to the two behind Holy Rosary School)
  • Official Plan work currently underway
  • Region is putting liners in watermains throughout the Town
  • Provincial election is June 7 – also important for members to raise issues about downtown with local candidates

MOTION to accept Council Report by Sara, seconded by Margaret

ED Report


  • Received confirmation that we have awarded a Canada Summer Jobs Grant
  • Events & Marketing Assistant (Summer Student) started on Monday
  • Continuing to seek sponsorship for events and initiatives – verbal confirmation from Mr. Lube and GFS recently
    • Brainstorm with board members on potential local companies to reach out to for sponsorship
  • Main Street Revitalization Funding – Letter submitted to Mayor Krantz and senior Town officials (attached) outlining BIA’s recommendations for this funding – wi-fi, signage, garbage bins

Members, Vacancies

  • Vacancy rate for April – Estimated 5.5% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Member updates – The Studio now open in former Olivia Rose location, Ice Cream Lab open in new Main Street location, Southside Community Church renovations complete and now open, Caseo/CF Landscaping moving out at the end of this month, Sixteen Mile Gallery moved out and renovations underway for Barn Door Studio, Muse Studio & Market moving out at the end of this month, Ill Cosmos now open in new Main Street location
  • Concerns raised around (semi-permanent) food trucks in Downtown Milton – currently investigating rules around this with the Town of Milton
  • Councillor Best inquired with the Town already and the truck on Mary appears to be in full compliance with Town’s current rules and regulations
  • Met with representatives from C.F. Crozier & Associates to discuss downtown floodplain

Government Relations

Town of Milton: Financial management policy updates

  • Town currently updating their Financial Management policies
  • A few key points:
    • Increasing requirement for competitive bidding from $10,000 to $25,000
    • Adding a ‘request for information & expression of interest’ bylaw
    • Town will have a roster of vendors with pre-approved pricing for direct awards
    • Reserve money not to be used for ongoing operational costs
    • Budget to be submitted by end of September
  • Further details to come, likely in June, prior to the updated policies going to Council
  • We will likely need to make some updates to our Purchasing Policy based on the Town’s new policies

Province: All Candidates Meeting

  • Chamber of Commerce is hosting an All Candidates Meeting for Provincial election June 1
  • ACTION: BIA to suggest some questions for the candidates

Digital Main Street Initiative

  • Funding from Ontario Government announced in April to help small businesses across Ontario adopt new digital technology and build online presence
  • Expanding on Toronto-based program which was managed through TABIA
  • Digital Main Street Initiative will be administered by OBIAA but open to small businesses inside and outside BIAs
  • Provides support through:
    • Web platform providing access to vetted lists of tools and vendors
    • Digital training online and in-person
    • Service squad providing one-on-one assistance and assessments
    • Grants up to $2,500

Marketing and Promotions

  • Champion ad for Mother’s Day promoting downtown businesses
  • May Snap’d advertising focuses on summer events and activities in Downtown Milton
  • Promotions underway for Downtown Milton Street Festival (online, social media, print, Town signages, radio, etc)


Security at events

  • Recent van attack in Toronto has raised concerns about security at events on Main Street
  • Exploring ways to have more secure road blocks at Street Festival and other events
  • Possible cost implications involved in providing more secure road blocks
  • Discussion on security cameras outside stores, discussion on whether it would be beneficial to have security cameras on Main St.

Downtown Milton Street Festival

  • Saturday, June 2, 2018, 12pm to 11:30pm
  • Currently finalizing plans for the event
  • Around 75 vendors and 35 BIA members participating with booths on the street
  • Headliner is Desire, official U2 Tribute Band

Milton Farmer’s Market

  • Begins Saturday, May 19
  • Schedule set for Farmer’s Market bump-outs
  • Eight members have confirmed booths with us at the Market throughout the summer
  • We still have a couple more spots available for later in the summer

Downtown Milton Classic Car Show

  • Friday, July 20, 2018, 6-10pm
  • Registrations open next week for car owners
  • Increased registration fee to $15 this year
  • Road closure one hour earlier this year to avoid delays in event start time
  • Other planning currently underway
  • Exploring credit card as a payment option for registrants

Other events

  • May 29 – The Incredible Race (Chamber)
  • June 1 – Provincial Election All Candidates Meeting (Chamber)
  • June 8-10 – Mac & Cheese Festival Milton (Vaulted Inc.) at Fairgrounds
  • August – BIA event or activity TBD



  • Reviewing 2018 flowers list with contractor
  • Planting scheduled to begin May 28/29
  • Outreach for Garden Sponsorship Program underway


  • Many tree receptacles were damaged this past winter, repairs currently underway
  • Rachel to work with the Town to find ways to reduce damage to receptacles caused by snow plows


OBIAA Conference

  • Rachel attended – April 16 & 17 at Blue Mountain
  • Lots of networking with other BIAs (staff and board members, municipal representatives, councilors, etc)
  • Participated in sessions and discussions about:
    • BIA best practices – planning, policies, member engagement, associate member programs, public access wi-fi, etc
    • Collaborative partnerships between BIAs & municipalities
    • Attitudes and actions of successful communities (attitudes of local businesses owners, general public, elected officials & municipal staff, infrastructure, beautification, partnerships, attitude towards culture and innovation)
    • Marketing, promotions of community and members, creating tourist attractions
    • Tours of local communities and BIAs (Blue Mountain, Thornbury, etc.)
    • Mayors’ Panel on community development
  • Valuable learning and networking opportunities for BIA board members as well – consider having a Downtown Milton BIA board member attend the conference

Other Business

Board recruitment

  • Jennifer Beaver had to resign from the board due to work commitments and changes in her business
  • Currently one spot open for a BIA member on the Board
  • Rachel to reach out to individuals that have expressed interest in the board already, and do a call out to all members letting them know about the opportunity to join the board
  • Encourage potential board members to attend a few meetings before deciding whether to apply to join the board

MOTION to adjourn meeting at 8:10pm by John, seconded by Sara

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