May 2017

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Minutes from Board of Director’s Meeting

Meeting date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Location: BIA Boardroom

In attendance: Eric Chabot, David O’Connell, Sara Bergsma, Valerie Nicholson, Margaret Lara, John Silva

Absent: Colin Best, Mike Boughton


Call to order: 6:55 p.m.


Review of Previous Minutes

MOTION to accept previous minutes: Margaret, Seconded by, Valerie


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Treasurer’s Report

  • Costs were mostly under admin for April
  • May will have an increase in expenses, mostly for the Street Festival
  • Advertising budget is 20% spent to date
  • Overspent on ‘Contracts’ due to ED recruitment costs

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: David, Seconded by: Valerie


Councilor’s Report

None (Councilors not present)


ED Report


Administration updates

Summer student

  • Student began May 8th
  • Ratified motion for additional funds to purchase laptop (results in appendix)


Downtown Milton BIA Bylaws and Policies

  • Purchasing bylaw updated

MOTION to accept purchasing policy with the discussed changes: John, Seconded by: Valerie


  • Constitution updated

MOTION to accept updated Constitution with the discussed changes: Valerie, Seconded by: Margaret


  • E-voting policy

MOTION to accept new policy with discussed changes: David, Seconded by: Sara


  • Outstanding policies – to be updated or created:
    • Policy on the sale and other disposition of land – Town to confirm whether their policy on this can be modified to cover community boards as well
    • HR/Hiring policy – to create, received examples from other BIAs
    • Procedural policy – to create, received examples from other BIAs, outlines the calling, place and proceedings of meetings, etc


Online payment system

  • Some opportunities exist with PayPal, etc., exploring associated costs & requirements
  • Town still investigating


Government Relations


Zoning bylaws

  • BIA sent a letter providing feedback on Town’s Planning Department re: proposed amendments to the zoning bylaws and Official Plan
  • Letter provides four recommendations on additional changes we would like to see to improve the regulations around zoning in Downtown Milton
  • BIA was not present at Town Council meeting April 24 when staff report was given
  • ED had follow up meeting at Planning Department on May 1st:
    • Town staff feel there is a high level of support from the community for the changes
    • Staff not currently planning to make any significant changes or updates to the proposed changes
    • Staff will speak to Zoning Department about possible exemptions from ‘active frontage’ restriction for properties that are a certain level above sidewalk grade
    • Champion article “Milton policy changes proposed to revitalize downtown”
      • Positions zoning changes as all positive and a high level of support in the community
      • Next steps: Review bylaws for nearby/comparable cities and towns (ie Brampton, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Waterloo, etc.) to find out if they allow office uses on the ground floor of core commercial zone and find out what our members think about this.
      • Recommended actions: Develop form letters for Councilors and possible media outreach


MOTION to move forward with recommended actions if, in our research, it is found that most other communities permit offices on ground floors and that our members support having ground floor offices: Sara, Seconded by Valerie


Updates from the Region

  • Community improvement plan dollars available for Municipalities ($75k) – Milton Economic Development Office is currently investigating this further
  • Board recommended contacting the Region directly for more information.


Provincial government

  • ED and two BIA members participated in a Women’s Roundtable hosted by Hon. Indira Naidoo-Harris (April 21) – exposure and networking opportunities for BIA and members
  • Provincial budget – Attended the budget announcement at Queen’s Park (April 27) and the budget breakfast (April 28) hosted in Milton by MPP Naidoo-Harris. Her staff will be providing us with summary of the key points from the budget as they relate to small business


Vacancy Rate April 2017:

  • 5.3%
  • OBIAA Vacancy Average is 9.7%


BIA marketing and exposure:

  • Recent coverage in Perspective Milton (140,000 copies around Halton and beyond) and online
  • Upcoming coverage:
    • Metroland special Canada 150 broadsheet feature – ‘Downtown Milton Now & Then’ article features five historic properties downtown and the businesses that are there today
    • Snap’d – Profiles this summer and fall on three BIA businesses (winners from Easter event)
    • Opportunities to highlight some businesses in the new Milton Villager’s online portal


Event Updates


  • Planning for this event is a priority for BIA staff right now
  • Headliner band announced May 3rd (Platinum Blonde) – generated lots of interest and excitement from media and through social media
  • Entertainment list has been announced to the public
  • Confirming final BIA members to participate in the event
  • Vendor booths are ‘full’
  • Reminder – Festival taking place 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.


Classic Car Show:

  • Happening Friday, July 21st, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Wallace Chevrolet (lead sponsor) and Safari Dental confirmed sponsorship
  • Additional follow up required with potential sponsors
  • Registrations for cars opens on May 15 – likely will not have online payment system in place by then but continuing to follow up with Town to speed this along


Annual Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Wrap-up report to come outlining expenses, public and BIA member feedback, suggestions for improvement, etc



  • Farmer’s Market (May 13 to October 7) – Three bump-outs for BIA members
  • Other summer activities (July and August) – Music, food, Canada 150/Milton 160 contest, details to come at the next board meeting
  • Movie Night under the Stars (September) – Recommendations to come
  • Fall event/campaign with Hospital Foundation – Foundation would like to run Bed Races run a contest or campaign downtown in the fall instead of doing bed races



Flowers, gardens

  • Gardens scheduled to be planted around June 1st
  • To date, one member on board for Garden Sponsorship Program. Additional follow up will be done with previous sponsors and all members


Lamp Pole Lights

  • Update on work with Ducon:
    • All Christmas lights except one set are functioning, some don’t come on until late
    • Poles around pedestrian cross-walk and Main & Martin intersection not wrapped (to limit distractions)
    • Ducon removed lights in the tree in front of the Restore parking lot – approval for BIA to pay outstanding $425 invoice
    • BIA to reserve $3,000/year in the budget to pay for maintenance costs of lights
    • Recommendation to budget $3,000 per year for maintenance/repair visit per year for Christmas lights


New Business:


Canada 150/Milton 160:

  • Social media contest, recognition at existing events (Street Festival, Car Show, etc), media coverage
  • Recommendation to ask for Canada 150 free stickers and posters from Federal representative
  • Street banners: high cost for a short-term initiative


MOTION not to proceed with getting Canada 150 banners created, by John, Seconded by Valerie not to proceed


WIFI in Downtown Milton:

  • Next steps?


Summer Board meetings?

  • July meeting will be moved to July 5th
  • August meeting will be held on August 9th


Board member update:

  • Stephen Mangotich has resigned from the Board of Directors
  • Recommendation to put out posting to fill the position (now have two positions available on the Board)


Update on businesses:

  • Simply Creative – Closing July 1st
  • New Burger place at Carriage Square opening in Jully


Christmas Wreaths:

  • Need to be redecorated, ED to check if brackets work and arrange to hire temporary staff to have wreaths decorated


Website updates:

  • Our web provider will no longer be hosting our website, need to migrate the site off Plujo to another content management system (ie WordPress)
  • There will be a cost to migrate the site to another system
  • Rachel and David to discuss what features need to be added, changed or removed from the site for the migration


MOTION to adjourn the meeting (9:27pm) by Valerie, Seconded by Sara


APPENDIX: Downtown Milton BIA Special Vote (Online) – Additional Funds for Purchase of Laptop


DATE: April 26, 2017



Move that the Downtown Milton BIA Board of Directors approve the spending of up to an additional $900 for a laptop for the BIA.



After some additional consideration and research, it was found that we will need to spend more than originally anticipated for the Mac laptop. This additional expense will help ensure we get the unit that will best suit the needs of the BIA office now and in the coming years. Also, purchasing a Mac instead of a PC ensures that we get a computer that fits well within our current technical support structure and is fully compatible with the other computers in the office.


FYI – The computer we are looking to purchase is the MacBook Pro (13in screen, 8G of ram, 2.8 GHz processor, upgraded to a 256 GB hard drive) along with an Apple Care Warranty (3 years). At the previous Board meeting, the Board approved $1,600 for laptop expenses. Today’s motion would be to cover additional costs related to obtaining a slightly better unit with more hard drive space, the warranty and MS Office software (if that is not covered already through our Outlook 365 membership).


MOTIONED BY: David O’Connell

SECONDED BY: Sara Bergsma










Eric Chabot



(ED texted – 4:30pm)




David O’Connell

Vice Chair


April 26, 2017, 9:55 am




John Silva


I would like to the proposal

April 26, 2017, 10:17 am




Mike Boughton

Town Council Rep


(ED called & left message – 12:00pm)




Colin Best

Regional Council Rep

I vote yes!

April 26, 2017, 10:35 am




Valerie Nicholson

Board Member

I vote yes as well. Thanks

April 26, 2017, 10:38 am




Sara Bergsma

Board Member

Seconded – I vote yes then

April 26, 2017, 10:12 am




Margaret Lara

Board Member

Yes, I am in favour

April 26, 2017 1:15 pm






Yay: 5


Abstained: 1


Motion is [carried / not carried]: CARRIED

This motion to be ratified at the next board meeting scheduled May 10, 2017.

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