May 2016

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area



Board of Director’s Meeting


Wednesday, May 11th, 2016




  1. Call to Order – Welcome Rebecca McLaren!  Our new summer student.
  2. Review of previous minutes
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Council Report
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. New Business
  • Marketing Committee
  • Marsha Waldie and Jennifer Smith from Milton Historical Society
  1. Next Meeting Date:     Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30pm
  2. Adjournment





Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Downtown Milton BIA Meeting Minutes

Location: Downtown Milton BIA Office

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


Attendees: Eric Chabot, John Da Silva, Colin Best, David O’Connell, Valerie Nicholson, Margaret Lara, Miriam Dorland-Haight, Mike Boughton, Laurie Chambers

Regrets: Sara Bergsma


Action Items Summary:

  • Laurie: To send out a OBIAA call to find out if other BIAs have financed fully, or part of, infrastructure improvements – such as the bridge behind Carriage Square
  • Laurie: To contact Halton Region for Employment and Residential data
  • Laurie: To contact Town for current and historical BIA taxation data


Call to Order: 6:48PM (Due to consultant presentation)


Review of Previous Minutes:

MOTION to accept: Colin, Seconded by: John


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest:


Treasurer’s Report: John da Silva

  • Budget is looking normal for this time of year
  • Should see a considerable spike in spend due to Street Fest, Flowers and Car Show over the next couple months.

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: Dave, Seconded by: Colin


Council Report:

  • 2016 is a reassessment year for MPAC
  • Open House for “Dump your junk” for hazardous waist being held at the Halton Dump
  • Halton Region Conservation is talking about removing the bridge that links the apartment buildings to Carriage Square.
    • BIA to stand behind keeping it, even it that means finding the funds to support its revitalization
    • Colin to speak with Conservation Authority to find out more, and to not demolish the bridge until we have enough information to gage interest in saving it
    • It has been noted that a couple hundred people use this bridge every day
    • It provides a needed short cut around the creek and access to carriage square/Troy’s Diner
    • It provides a needed link for our senior members of our community who no longer drive and require access to the pharmacy

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: John, Seconded by: Val


Executive Director Report:


Notables in Social/Digital Media:


  • We are still seeing huge number of unique visits from last months e-Newsletter contest that drove people to our website
  • Other contributing factors would be our Summer Student job posting, as well as our Easter event
  • We have seen a unbelievable increase of 61.6% of visitors from January 2016 to March 2016 – in two short months
    • 34.7% increase in unique visitors in March alone
    • The Milton community is now using our new tool as a means of information gathering – we are a relevant news/event/community source of communication

Event Updates

Downtown Milton’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt

  • Another incredibly successful event!
  • The Vault reported handing out over 900 bags of treats
  • Famiizuu had a line-up by 9:45 as Sam had some wonderful free treats and baskets to hand out
  • The new BIA tent and flags were a huge hit!  Many people came up to thank us for putting such a wonderful community event together – a first!
  • We had a last minute in-kind sponsor from Food Basics who brought the Easter Bunny which absolutely made the day so much more special
  • All of our costs we covered by sponsorship dollars – thank you Martindale Dental
  • A full post-mortem has been conducted and has been emailed to the Board for informational purposes

Downtown Milton Street Festival

  • All Vendors and Entertainers have been contacted and confirmed
  • We will be plotting out the street as to where every one of the 140 vendors, food trucks, buskers, etc. will be placed
  • New garbage pick up has been negotiated with Town Staff.  Better service, same cost to the BIA
  • All extended patio legal papers have been received.  Welcome Mo-Bay Jerk to the group who is extending
  • Beer tent:
    • We are a GO!
    • Constable Troy is requiring additional police officers from 6PM-11PM (much better than to have to staff the entire day).  This alone drops the price from $3000, to $1500.  BIA’s cost will be $750, which we hope will be recouped by beer sales
    • The town is currently drafting the legal documents needed

Car Show

We have sponsorship!!!

  • Wallace Chevrolet has confirmed Title Sponsorship ($3000)
  • Scott’s Automotive is joining us ($500), and will be entering a car as well

Interested, yet to be confirmed:

  • McCuiag
  • Culligan Water
  • Promotion for car registration will be starting as of next week – though we are already getting walk-ins from our Ad in Old Autos that will run for the next three months
  • Creative with confirmed sponsors will be delivered to remaining print ads by end of the month
  • DBIA Tent and Flags will be used as the welcome center – cost savings of not renting a tent



  • Dorothy has two poles wrapped in lights for us – free of charge
  • One is wrapped to the top (or what they call the “goose neck”)
  • The other is wrapped to the start of the “goose neck”
  • (see here for a picture)


  • Horizon Packaging is unable to accommodate our request
    • No pick-up or drop-off capabilities
    • No storage
    • They have annual standing projects that would make it impossible for them to “fluff” all 53 wreaths

Membership Engagement

Downtown Milton BIA Welcome Package

  • Depending on quality I have soured a number of different quotes – attached to board package email
    • I strongly recommend KKP, as there price is competitive, and they will ensure the colour/work is correct, and they printed our sample free of charge

Downtown Milton Tent, Flags and tablecloth

  • All was delivered on time, and came in $400 under budget
  • Looked wonderful for at our Easter Event


Summer Student

We received a ton of interest from students, and interviewed 6 wonderful candidates

A two-part presentation was asked to be completed of the students:

  • Downtown Milton Taste Tours – How to grow the event, solve some noted pain points from last year, and how to spend a small budget
  • Sponsorship – a brief Presentation on asking for sponsorship dollars for Car Show

Rebecca McLaren from Milton will be receiving an offer letter by the end of next week.  An active student at the University of Western Ontario, and is majoring in MIT (Media and Information Technology).  She is going to teach us Millennial things like Snap Chat.


Vacancy Rate April 2016:


OBIAA Vacancy Average is 9.7%


New Businesses this Month:

Mirror Image Printing (152 Mill St)

As Seen on TV/Grocery (Lisa Raitt’s old campaign office)

MOTION to accept Executive Director Report: John, Seconded by: Colin


New Business

Marketing Committee Update – Margaret


MOTION to adjourn the meeting (9PM): Valerie, Seconded by: Miriam










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