March 2017

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Board of Director Meeting Minutes – March 2017



Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Location: Downtown Milton BIA office

Attendees: Stephen Mangotich, Sara Bergsma, David O’Connell, Valerie Nicholson, Margaret Lara, Colin Best, John Silva, Mike Boughton, Rachel Shuttleworth, Eric Chabot (phone)


Call to order: 6:31 p.m.


Review of Previous Minutes


MOTION to accept previous minutes: Colin, Seconded by: Sara


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Treasurer’s Report: John Silva

  • $27,000 was operational surplus in 2016
  • Our reserve is now around $55,000
  • Spending is on track and as expected so far for 2017
  • The BIA is in a good financial position, 2017 appears to be a good year to explore and test different opportunities such as smart technology, lights, events, etc and then our 2018 budget can developed based on the learnings from this year
  • Note that the finders fee is still to come and will be showing up in the expense reports shortly, will be able to absorb it by gaining efficiencies in other parts of the budget, strive to repeat same formula of event budgets from this past year


MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: Colin, Seconded by: Margaret


Councilor Report (regional): Colin Best

  • Meeting with the Minister and regional Chair regarding Go Transit – no defined timeline for all-day GO service as of yet
  • Upcoming water and sewer main work coming up on Martin and Main Street (sanitary)
  • Steeles Avenue between Martin and Industrial will be widened to four lanes this year – could result in some additional traffic downtown
  • Martin Street School should be opening in September, boundaries have been defined, 12B option, kids coming from North end of Trudeau Drive will be bused to this school
  • 150 Steeles Avenue now has a conditional offer on it
  • Upcoming meeting for 130 Thompson related to proposal for 27, 29 or 31-floor condo buildings
  • Rona store will be put on the market shortly


Councilor Report (local): Mike Boughton

  • Milton councilors voted unanimously to replace the pedestrian bridge beside Carriage Square
  • Suggestion from John for Town to look at sequencing of downtown lights (might help avoid light burn-outs)


MOTION to accept Council Reports: Margaret, Seconded by: Valerie


ED Report: Rachel Shuttleworth


Social media tracker

  • Increase in website visits in January over February’s total (likely due to the Street Festival communication)
  • Social media followers remained about the same



Downtown for the Holidays

  • In 2016, event was well received by the public
  • Event was organized in a short time period and there is room for improvement
  • Colin, Margaret and Sara attended the event


ACTION: Rachel to do a review of the 2016 event, develop a proposal with recommendations for 2017 event and share with the Board by September 2017


Easter Egg Hunt

  • Taking place on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Main St will be closed between Martin & James Streets during this timeframe
  • Currently sourcing sponsorship and donations of candy and other items to be handed out (Dare, etc)
  • Scooters Catering has graciously donated Easter Egg baskets and Egg decorating kits to the BIA
  • Suggestion to develop and distribute a map of the BIA at the event


Downtown Milton Street Festival


  • All Entertainers have been booked/confirmed, including Zone 1 performance area (Note: this area may be moving to Commercial and the Main Stage being placed at Fulton St to accommodate the size of stage for the closer. Bryden’s would have the biggest impact and this has been communicated to Prentice.)
  • Honeymoon Suite will not be headlining. The Committee is working with an Agency to identify and confirm a headliner band that fits within our budget. Discussions are underway as to how we best manage all aspects (crowd control, bigger stage, trailer to be used as a dressing room, etc.).
  • We are extending the closing time of the Festival to 11:30 p.m. to accommodate an appropriate amount of performance time (i.e – 90 minutes) for the headliner (by-law approved)



  • Vendor application deadline was February 27, 2017
  • Vendor selection with the Committee is March 7, 2017
  • BIA members:  confirm if extended patios are needed with Mama’s Pierogies (new ownership as of Jan, 2017) and Joya (old South 202 location)


Classic Car Show

  • Will take place on Friday, July 21st, 2017 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Extended patios are confirmed: Casa Americo, Works, Ivy and Brydens
  • First sponsor received (Safari Children’s Dentistry) in the amount of $750
  • Follow-up with balance of sponsors via email with sponsorship packages
  • Discussion on ensuring sponsors receive value for their support for our events and are clear on who the target audiences are for specific events
  • Follow-up with the Town to see if an online payment system can be implemented to assist in the administration tasks of payment
  • Discussion on using PayPal as an online payment system. Consideration must be made on how to handle additional fees PayPal charges


ACTION: Rachel to explore PayPal as an option to receive payments online


Movie Night Under the Stars

  • Planning for September 2017 (cancelled in 2016 due to inclement weather)
  • Investigate locations: Mill Pond, the Fairground, Victoria Park, etc.
  • Include a back-up location (Knox Church, Milton Bible Church, etc.) so event can be moved indoors, if need be due to weather


ACTION: Rachel to develop an Event plan (timing TBD) for Movie Night Under the Stars with recommendation for locations (outdoor and indoor)


Farmer’s Market

  • The three bump-outs have been paid for, with notice being sent to our members in March
  • Confirmed members are Home Galleria, Thai House and Shoe Stop


Bed Races

  • Exploration phase: Determining if we have budget and capacity to take this on; further exploration of potential strategic partnerships
  • Initial conversations have taken place with MDHF which received enthusiastic support


ACTION: Rachel to explore bed race idea further (including cost, effort, estimated amount we can raise, possible partnerships, etc) and provide recommendation to the Board of Directors.



  • Idea to try a Beer Fest



Lamp Pole Lights

Repairs required to (currently in the queue with Ducon):

  • Existing tree lights: tree identified in front of parking lot of Dorland-Haights Gallery
  • 200 Main St: wrapping of the post (receptacle)
  • In ground receptacle in front of Milton Health Foods; occurred when truck went through window of storefront
  • Initial install of $5,800 has been paid for work completed
  • Some of the tree lights need to be removed or repaired


ACTION: Rachel to follow up with vendor to move this work along


Garden Sponsorship Program

  • May – October, 2017
  • Reach out to previous sponsors, which include: Vapemeet, Cutting Edge, Davidson Realtor, Casa Americo, Brydens and A.M Strategic Accountants
  • Email all other BIA members informing them of the program and cost ($100)



Vacant Unit Tax Rebate Policy – For discussion

  • Halton Regional Council requested a review of the Vacant Unit Tax Rebate policy. BIAs were invited to provide input
  • Overview: Property owners that have a property that remains unrented for over 90 days can apply for a tax rebate. Concern that this could lead to vacancies and derelict buildings – consideration about whether removing rebate will encourage landlords to better utilize their properties and encourage infill development
  • Questions: What impact would removing this rebate have for Downtown Milton? Our members? What factors should be considered in this decision?
  • Points discussed (will be shared with Halton Region Economic Development):
    • Downtown Milton has a low vacancy rate so a small number of people benefit from this policy in our community. Removal of the policy would have less impact in Milton than in other communities.
    • Removal of the rebate would result in a small reduction in BIA expenditures (not a significant difference).
    • Removing the policy could deter landlords from doing renovations to their buildings because the carrying costs could be too high for them.
    • Suggestion to replace the Vacant Unit Tax Rebate Policy with a program to encourage landlords to improve their facades or renovate their buildings. This would encourage more landlords to make improvements to their buildings thus increasing the value of the buildings. Renovations can also have a positive impact on the value and attractiveness of nearby real estate.


ACTION: Rachel to share summary for vacant unit tax rebate discussion with Halton Region Economic Development


Other GR updates

  • MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris held an announcement on March 3 to further discuss the hydro rate cuts and the impact of this change on families and businesses in Milton


Upcoming events/opportunities

  • Women in Business Roundtable – MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris
  • Milton Economic Village Innovation Centre Event (March 30) – Official opening for the Halton Region Small Business Centre and the Haltech Regional Innovation Centre offices
  • Luncheon with Patrick Brown (March 30) – Event hosted by the Milton Chamber of Commerce


ED cell phone

  • Three options presented: ED to use personal cell phone, purchase an floater/ED cell phone for the office or replace landline with cell phone(s)
  • Discussion on need for cell phone access and use


MOTION to provide Social Media Management contractor with $30/month to support her using her personal mobile device and plan for BIA work: Sara, Seconded by: Val


ACTION: Rachel to develop an agreement and share with contractor



  • 2017 Conference – taking place early April in Toronto. Approximate cost to cover conference registration and transportation for ED: $1,000
  • Membership renewal fee is $420


MOTION to cover cost for OBIAA membership renewal and ED participation at 2017 conference: John, Seconded by: Val


MOTION to accept ED report: Val, Seconded by: Margaret


New Business



  • Offer has been made on new bible churnch
  • New italian restaurant is open (Locanda)
  • Explore Chamber Board room as an option for a venue when all board members are present



  • Question about the amount the ED is able to approve up to without going to the Board for approval first
  • Board would like to review the BIA bylaws, come back to April meeting with amendments which can be ratified at the meeting



ACTION: Rachel to share bylaws with all Board members


ACTION: Mike to ask the Town representative whether amendements to bylaws need to be approved by the Town and about the ED approval amount


MOTION to adjourn meeting (8:40 p.m.): Mike, Seconded by: Val

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