June 2019

Board of Director’s Meeting
MinutesWednesday, June 12, 2019
Location: Chamber Boardroom  6:30 p.m.

Attendees:Eric Chabot (EC), David O’Connell (DO), Colin Best (CB), Troy Newton (TN), Kristina Tesser Derksen (KTD), Margaret Lara (ML), Sara Bergsma (SB), Sukh Brar (SBr), Cheryl Ciccarelli (CC).
Guests:Joe Taglieri (JT),  Alan Cooke (AC), Brad Clements, David Nelson
Regrets:Miguel Gonsalves (MG)

EC called the meeting to order at 6.30pm.

EC introduced Brad Clement  (Gen Three Ltd.) and David Nelson (Consultant who has been working with the Clements on the Flood Plain issue) to discuss the Flood Plain.

  • Brad discussed the use of a new technology called Lidar which he believes would favourably affect the flood level.  He also discussed other considerations which would affect the flood level including work on Conservation Halton’s Kelso and Halton Hills dams, and the water/sanitation plant on Commercial St.
  • Brad said that they had learned that Conservation Halton has plans to get into this issue with a study.  Conservation Halton will be looking for input from the public.  As Brad and David are not stakeholders, they cannot give input but the BIA can.  Brad encouraged the BIA to do so as this provides an opportunity to look at constraints with respect to the flood plain. David added that this is probably up for review in September.
  • EC expressed concerns about the cost of moving forward with an engineering evaluation of the issue.

The Board agreed that Lidar is the best way to move forward with a re-evaluation of numbers. CB suggested that Conservation Authorities will be examined at regional review.

Brad and David left the meeting following their presentation.

EC asked the table if there was any declaration of pecuniary interest or conflict of interest.  No declarations were made.

EC asked the group to review the previous meeting minutes.

  • SB moved to accept the minutes as presented. CB seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (attached).

  • MG was absent but sent his Treasurer’s report for review.
  • EC relayed Miguel’s note: “Nothing out of the ordinary to report, other that we received additional revenues.  Also expect that the majority of the expenses for the annual town fair will show up next month.”
  • CB moved to accept the treasurer’s report. DO seconded the motion. Motion passed.

KD presented the local Councillor’s report:

  • Tree replacement tax – if you are renovating and replacing boulevard trees that are diseased you can apply for a credit.

CB presented the regional Councillor’s report.

  • construction main street east is now in the middle of the worst part – should be done by august
  • CN hearings June 20 to July 19
  • Next official plan coming up
  • Staff recommending not to have another allocation process
  • Sewage plant on Fulton closing in 2021 – 6 acre property – staff looking at future land use. New pumping station to stay.

DO moved to accept the Council report as presented. SB seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

CC presented the Executive Director’s Report (attached).

  • CC reported that there were problems with a contractor. She is working with Risk to resolve.
  • CC reported that still working on Car Show sponsorship – although should end up on track, some major sponsors did not return ie: Gallinger and GFS. EC asked CC to contact a previous sponsor again.
  • CC to continue to investigate possibilities for a HSM event. AC offered to assist with this.

DO made a motion to accept the ED’s report.  _TN seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Other Business:

  • CB restore closes soon – hopefully relocating
    • Irate call today due to lots of drug use downtown – made call to police – wanted to see if anyone else has issues. KD said there is a tent village at mill pond. KD noted people walking down street tier 3 yelling at people and AC said Yogurty’s at back lot
  • CC related issues with generators and staging for dmsf
    • Cb said send him info on permitting process.

CB made a motion to adjourn the meeting. DO seconded the motion.  Motion passed. At 7:58 pm

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