June 2018

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area

Board Meeting Minutes (June 13, 2018)

Location: Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

In attendance: Sara Bergsma, Colin Best, Eric Chabot, Troy Newton, Valerie Nicholson, Rachel Shuttleworth

Guests: Kristina Tesser, Sukh Brar, Joseph Pedulla

Regrets: Mike Boughton, David O’Connell, Margaret Lara, John Silva

Call to order:6:32 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest


Previous minutes

MOTION to approve May meeting minutes by Colin, seconded by Sara

Guests introduce themselves

  • Sukh – co-owner of Printd, new to downtown, moved his business from Steeles Ave to downtown in April
  • Kristina – Lawyer at Johnson McMaster Law Office, looking to get more involved in in the community, seeking a space to purchase downtown
  • Joseph – Owner of Joseph & Mike’s Barber Shop on Main Street

Treasurer’s Report

  • (None this month)

Council Report

  • Presentation of latest map of the Town of Milton and discussion on development in specific areas
  • Revitalization Report passed by Council in May. The funding will go to support public access wi-fi in Downtown Milton, the demolition of 45 Brown Street, and remaining funds will go to garbage receptacle enhancements. Bylaws need to be passed to support the work on these projects.
  • Construction work is progressing well on Steeles Ave.
  • Overpass over 401 slated to be completed in 2022
  • GO Station expropriation plan received – The plan proposes expropriating four properties around the GO Station. This would enable the addition of 800 new parking spots, busses to better access the GO Station, and provide four entry/exit points from the GO parking lot (currently there are only two).

MOTION to accept Council Report by Valerie, seconded by Troy

Comments from BIA Member Joseph Pedulla

  • Salons, spas, barbers and some other types of businesses are negatively impacted by community events that take place on Saturdays because their customers can’t park – it’s bad for business
  • The Farmers’ Market is ok because it ends early enough
  • Joseph recommends moving events to Sunday – a time when lots of people are at home and willing to come out for events
  • Need an additional garbage around Jay’s Ice Cream in the summer time to help keep sidewalks clean

Discussion on the event:

  • Retail owner says – Sales are not high during Street Festival. However, they consider it an advertising day because lots of people are downtown and the businesses get lots of exposure
  • Restaurant owner says – Down in sales on Street Festival Day because there was not a lot of breakfast business. However, they gain people walking by instead. Consider the event for the greater good of the Downtown community. Over 50,000 people come downtown and see the businesses logo, some will come back tomorrow or the next week. Business owners need to budget accordingly for Street Festival, be prepared that it may not be highly profitable, but it provides exposure.
  • Challenge with running Street Festival on Sunday – Beer garden would not be popular, could not have late concerts (event would likely be done by 4 or 5pm)
  • Closing Mary Street caused additional traffic challenges, recommendation not to close Mary next year
  • Could use Festival Zone for new vendors, or offer spots at a discount
  • Some receptacles caused issues at the event – could approach an electrical company about getting a large generator/box to use for vendor electricity (could put it in Troy’s lot, could ask to have it fully or partially sponsored)

Options to look at that may help resolve the parking challenges for the Street Festival/other events:

  • 60 spots in Town’s underground lot, look at whether those can be opened up
  • Reserve a lot for the clients of local businesses
  • Reinforce vendor parking
  • Introduce a 2-3 hour parking limit
  • Fairgrounds – Try to get a signed agreement to be able to use that space and advertise that there is parking available there
  • More signage indicating where free parking is
  • Better ‘policing’ for parking areas (bylaw officers to issue tickets, or volunteers to let people know where they can/can’t park)
  • More promotion of shuttle and transit leading up to the event

ED Report


  • Continuing to seek sponsorship for events and initiatives in Downtown Milton
  • Main Street Revitalization Funding report approved by Council on May 28. Next step is for Town to implement a by-law for the three projects. Projects are:
    • Free public-access Wi-fi
      • Town looking at seamless vs individual APs. Seamless provide a better user experience (only one sign-in, instead of signing in for each AP) but costs more
    • Demolition of 45 Brown Street (old Post Office) once the tenant is out
    • Remaining funds to be used towards garbage receptacles
  • Targeting mid-September for AGM (could take the place of the September board meeting), suggestion to look at newly-renovated Southside Community Church as a venue, could do a ‘Meet the local candidates’ panel and have candidates discuss downtown issues

Members, Vacancies

  • Vacancy rate for May – Estimated 6.0% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Member updates – Barn Door Studio now open in former Sixteen Mile Gallery location, Muse Studio & Market has moved out, former Ill Cosmo’s/Indira campaign office now available, Caseo/CF Landscaping moved out
  • Food Truck on Mary Street found to be in full compliance with Town rules and regulations and has Public Health approval. A BIA member/restaurant owner asked whether BIA will take action around food trucks in Downtown Milton

Government Relations

Town of Milton: Financial management policy updates

  • Town currently updating their Financial Management policies
  • Updated policies to go to Council June 18 and will be available for public review June 19. BIA to review and bring forward any comments/suggestions by early July
  • We will likely need to make some updates to our Purchasing Policy based on the Town’s new policies (changes include an increase in the competitive bid threshold from $10k to $25k, having a roster of pre-approved vendors, timing for budget submissions)

Provincial Election:

  • Initial outreach to new Member of Provincial Parliament for Milton

Marketing and Promotions

  • Great coverage on Street Festival – Champion, MyFM, Snap’d to come, online, etc.
  • Upcoming promotions for Car Show – Snap’d, Champion, MyFM, Old Autos, social media, etc.
  • Recent profile on Ice Cream Lab shared online and in Snap’d
  • More online promotions planned for this summer


Downtown Milton Street Festival

  • Took place Saturday, June 2, 2018, 12pm to 11:30pm
  • 24 members responded to Street Festival survey to date
  • Overall, event ran smoothly
  • Lots of positive response to the event, weather was good
  • Many BIA members were happy with the event, some BIA members unhappy with certain elements of the event
  • Full event wrap-up report will be shared at next meeting

Milton Farmer’s Market

  • Began Saturday, May 19
  • Eight members have reserved the BIA bump-outs at the Market over the course of the summer
  • We still have a couple more spots available for later in the summer

Downtown Milton Classic Car Show

  • Coming up Friday, July 20, 2018, 6-10pm
  • Registrations are open (payments through cash and cheque, no credit card option at this time)
  • Logistics planning currently underway
  • Continuing to seek out sponsorship (focus on bronze level) and prize donations

Other events

  • Exploring opportunities to enhance August (Music on Main) event – in discussions with the Town about doing a sidewalk sale for members
  • Suggestion from board to make the sidewalk sale in the afternoon following the Farmers’ Market – ie 12-6pm



  • Flowers were planted/put in place the last week of May
  • Contractors have been good to work with
  • Need to correct the height of baskets for next year
  • Garden sponsorship program
    • 14 companies participating, 12 of which are BIA members
    • $2,955 raised through the program

MOTION to accept ED Report by Colin, seconded by Val

Other Business

  • Date change needed for July board meeting – Meeting to be held on Wednesday, July 4
  • Rachel to check in with board members that are not in attendance today to make sure that works for them

MOTION to adjourn meeting at 7:40 p.m. by Colin, seconded by Troy

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