June 2017

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area



Board of Director’s Meeting


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Location:  BIA Boardroom

6:30 p.m.

In attendance: Eric Chabot, David O’Connell, Colin Best, Margaret Lara, John Silva

Absent: Mike Boughton, Sara Bergsma, Valerie Nicholson


Call to order: 7:15 p.m.


Review of Previous Minutes

MOTION to accept previous minutes: Margaret, Seconded by Colin


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Council Report

  • Hodero Holdings has requested to put in a new development by the GO Station
  • A builder is interested in putting up a three-floor medical/professional office building at 6 & 16 Bronte (Bronte and Main)
  • Rebuilding medical building at 6979 Main Street
  • Once the roadwork along Steeles is complete, traffic expected to reduce along Main Street E.
  • Development underway at Fieldgate & Commercial (Old Fire Hall)
  • Addition to the hospital will open on October 1st
  • Town rebranding has been delayed but new brand will be released soon
  • CN hearing currently underway
  • June 21st – Milton Young Professional event featuring speaker from Laurier discussing proposed expansion into Milton
  • Link to the Town’s strategic plan for the coming years: http://www.milton.ca/MeetingDocuments/Council/agendas2017/rpts2017/ES-007-CompleteCommunity.pdf

MOTION to accept Council Report: John, Seconded by David


Treasurer’s Report

  • Costs have started to come in from the Street Festival, much more expected for June
  • Error in tax levy deposit and that will be corrected for next month
  • Overspent on ‘Contracts’ due to ED recruitment costs

MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: Colin, Seconded by: David


ED Report


Administration updates

Downtown Milton BIA Bylaws and Policies

  • Updated based on last meeting: Purchasing policy, Constitution, E-voting policy
  • To be created (fall): Policy on the sale and disposition of land, HR/Hiring policy, Procedural policy


Online payment system

  • Discussions ongoing with the Town (Finance, IT)
  • Town is concerned about security requirements related to accepting online payments
  • David to discuss further with Town’s IT Department
  • Rachel to reach out to Linda Leeds


Government Relations

Zoning bylaws/office uses downtown

  • Staff technical report to Council expected this summer (staff said they will have a date/plan by end of June)
  • Overview of results of member survey on office uses on the ground floor of Downtown Milton
  • Overview of research into office use permissions in comparable towns/cities
  • Next steps: proceed with letters for Councilors about office uses downtown


Updates from the Region

  • Reached out to Region and Town of Milton about CIP funding – no update at this time
  • Rachel to copy Colin on messages to Region


Provincial government

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable with Kathleen Wynne and Indira Naidoo-Harris happening in Milton this Friday, June 16. ED, several BIA and Board members have been invited to attend. Agenda TBD. We plan to bring comments forward about the $15/hr minimum wage and Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Plans. Margaret interested in attending.
  • Upcoming event: Lunch with the Honourable Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy (hosted by the Milton Chamber of Commerce) – June 28.


Vacancy Rate May 2017:

  • 5.3%
  • OBIAA Vacancy Average is 9.7%


BIA marketing and exposure:

  • Recent advertising in Explore! Escarpment Country (Milton-specific, published by the Milton Chamber) and Niagara Escarpment Views Magazine (from Niagara to Tobermory)
  • Metroland special Canada 150 broadsheet – touched on Downtown Milton but was unable to accommodate our ‘Now & Then’ article
  • June Snap’d – Feature on Jay’s Ice Cream & Sunshine Gelato (1st place winner of People’s Choice Award)
  • Upcoming coverage:
    • Milton Canadian Champion article – Article featuring five historic buildings in downtown Milton and the businesses that are there today
    • Snap’d – Upcoming features on The WORKS (July) and Mama’s Pierogies (August)
    • Potential to highlight some businesses in the new Milton Villager’s online portal


Event Updates


  • Event went well and feedback has been largely positive
  • Slightly higher revenues than last year (due to additional vendors and beer tent)
  • Full event wrap-up report to come
  • A few key points include:
    • Having a headliner was a big success, increased our numbers, increased social media buzz, brought a lot more people to the east end of the festival
    • Beer tent was a success this year, visitors/Legion recommends having a bigger space for it next year
    • Largely positive feedback from our members: Report a large increase in their sales over past Street Festivals and/or regular weekend sales, believe the event helped increase the number of people that know about their business and it will help generate new business for them
    • Public survey: 345 responses to date, 86% were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘extremely satisfied’, 82% said the event helped increased their awareness of the shops, restaurants and services and amenities in Downtown Milton, survey includes info on $ spent, hours spent, transportation, etc.
    • Will be using the Ontario’s Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM) to measure the economic impact of the event
    • Planning to apply for Festival & Events Ontario award this year (November)
    • To consider for next year: Deposits from members, HST on vendor fees, beer tent size, expansion of festival area, etc


Classic Car Show:

  • Happening Friday, July 21st, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • $8,000+ in in-kind & financial sponsorship confirmed to date, continuing to finalize sponsors
  • Planning currently underway
  • Registrations underway for car owners
  • Approval required to book media production company (Martin Media Production) and band (Rolly Rocker & the HEMI Heads)


MOTION to approve media production company (Martin Media Production) and band (Rolly Rocker & the HEMI Heads): Colin, Seconded by David


Annual Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Overview of wrap up report
  • Total cost of event (hard costs & staff time) approximately $5,000
  • Approximately 3,000 people participated
  • Suggestion to not seek donated goodies next year (save on staff time, etc)


Other upcoming activities:

  • Farmer’s Market (May 13 to October 7)
  • #SamePlaceNewFace social media contest (July) – Celebrating Milton 160/Canada 150, social media contest that has people take pictures of themselves in front of specific historic buildings downtown
  • Music on Main (4 Fridays in August) – Seek partnership with two local music studios and considering other musicians as well
  • Movie Night under the Stars – Recommendation to proceed with this only if it is done in partnership with another organization (ie Oakville & Milton Humane Society), if we proceed with this, suggestion to try to use Restore parking lot
  • Fall event/campaign with Milton District Hospital Foundation – Foundation would like to run a contest/activity in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market around Thanksgiving
  • Ongoing promotion of community and member events and activities



Flowers, gardens, trees

  • Gardens planted June 1st
  • Many trees along Main Street are being replaced, work will be completed before July 1st
  • Continuing to work to get sponsors onboard for the Garden Sponsorship Program



  • Tree receptacles repaired prior to the Street Festival
  • A couple fuses were blown during the festival and will need to be repaired
  • Christmas lights on pole near Castle need to be redone (they are not consistent with the way others were wrapped)
  • Staff will do another night-time check to identify which Christmas lights are not coming on (talk to Town – Paul Cripps/Heidi Schlegel) about configuration of sensors



  • Look into redecorating these this summer (support from temporary workers)


MOTION to accept ED report by John, Seconded by Colin


New Business:


Member updates

  • Whipper Snipperz was sold, change of ownership happening in July
  • Simply Creative – closing
  • Burger Factory – Opening in July, had a great ‘intro to the community’ at the Street Festival
  • New business in Carriage Square


Additional points

  • Request for additional bend and garbage between 150 & 160 Main – ED to reach out to Town contacts
  • Interest from some businesses outside the BIA boundaries to get involved in some of our activities – ED to meet with businesses

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