July 2017

In attendance: David O’Connell, Eric Chabot (phone), Colin Best, Margaret Lara, Valerie Nicholson, Sarah Bergsma, Rachel Shuttleworth, Lauren Keating

Absent: Mike Boughton, John Silva


Call to order: 6:40 p.m.


Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Board of Director’s Meeting

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Location:  BIA Boardroom

6:30 p.m.

Review of Previous Minutes

MOTION to accept previous minutes: Colin, Seconded by Sara


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Council Report

  • Hodero Holdings request for new development by the GO Station (130 Thompson Road) – Town Council referred the initial report to staff to prepare a technical report (which should come back to 10-12 months with recommendations). Might be a 2-3 year process though as there were several delegation and councillor concerns regarding height, density, traffic, etc for this 802 unit
  • Four apartment buildings on Millsite Drive in comparison has about 450 units total
  • Town is making improvements to the sewers so they can support the growing population
  • 1,300 new homes built this year
  • Town of Milton launched it’s new logo – estimated roll-out will be over the next 4-5 years (will use up existing supplies, equipment and materials before ordering new items with the new logo on it)
  • Budget call report to be presented at the July 24th council meeting (estimated range is between +4 and +7.5 increase for 2018)


MOTION to accept Council Report: Valerie, Seconded by Margaret


Treasurer’s Report

  • No Treasurer’s report this month (John absent)
  • Rachel said some final expenses still coming in from DMSF, many expenses are being incurred at this time related to the Car Show, Car Show sponsorship revenues are coming in


ED Report – July 2017



  • Clean up and organization of office, Dropbox filing system and basement – underway in August
  • Audit is complete
  • Budgeting process getting underway soon at the Town
  • Parking in Downtown Milton – important for property owners to have the proper signage in place to notify people that their parking is for their own customers only
  • Storage needed for egg dying kits, wreaths, etc – Rachel to storage options with U-Haul, Carriage Square and Paul Cripps Nippissing Road work yard, inside or outside building)
  • We are participating in the Youth Friendly Milton Network spearheaded by the Town – an initiative to ensure Milton is as friendly for youth as possible


Government Relations


Municipal: Zoning

  • Completed review of zoning in other communities
  • Milton Chamber of Commerce passed a motion to endorse our recommendation for ground floor offices throughout the downtown
  • BIA member submitted letter for Councilors & Mayor advocating for offices downtown
  • Letters for councilors about office use downtown – work underway (vote will likely be in September) – package to include landlord/member comments, anecdotes, facts, letter from the Chamber, message from OBIAA, etc.
  • We need to clearly communicate where we stand on the issue and ensure that the Councilors fully understand our position


Provincial: Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Plan

  • We participated in Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable (June 16) with Premier Wynne and hosted by Indira Naidoo-Harris, brought forward some comments & examples from our members related to $15 min wage, etc.
  • OBIAA – conducted survey of BIA members on the issue, we will be requesting results from them (Milton-specific if that’s possible)
  • Milton Chamber HR Roundtable – June HR Roundtable focused on this topic (speakers were and employment lawyer & OCC VP of Government Relations)
  • Ontario Chamber of Commerce – Collecting stories from business owners re the impact this legislation will have on their business (some of our members willing to contribute), working to put together a face-to-face meeting with Premier at Queen’s Park (2-3 of our members interested in participating)
  • Member activities: One had a face-to-face meeting with MPP re impact on their business, another planning to write a letter for Premier


Provincial: Lunch with Honourable Glenn Thibeault (Minister of Energy)

  • Hosted by Milton Chamber of Commerce
  • Minister used this as an opportunity to re-announce the 25% reduction in hydro rates


Vacancy Rate June 2017


OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%


BIA marketing and exposure


Website and Social Media Statistics – 2017


(Jan 1-Mar 31)


(Apr 1-Jun 30)

Website (unique visits) 9,293 11,330
Website (page views) 16,040 20,740
Facebook (likes) 2,792 3,002
Twitter (followers) 3,272 3,399
Instagram (followers) 1,268 1,396

(Social media results are cumulative)


Advertising and Media

  • Explore! Escarpment Country and Family Matters
  • Street Festival coverage: Champion, Snap’d, Villager, Community Captured, CogecoTV Halton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRAVaOfL8vY
  • Milton Canadian Champion – Canada 150/Milton 160 article published June 28 featuring buildings downtown Milton from the past and the businesses that are their now, kick off for our social media contest
  • Snap’d – Feature on The WORKS (July), upcoming feature on Mama’s Pierogies (August)


Event Updates



  • Some invoices still coming in
  • Will be bringing full wrap-up report, lessons learned, recommendations and financial summary to board
  • Working on an overall budget/actuals document that outlines all DMSF expenses (with the Town)


Downtown Milton Classic Car Show

  • Friday, July 21st, 6-10 p.m.
  • Priority for our office right now!
  • Classic car registrations still coming in
  • Collecting sponsorship
  • Lots of volunteers from the community for this event
  • Rachel to explore encroachment rules (to see if members can place a small table, etc on the sidewalk in front of their store) and communicate that to interested members
  • Ice Cream Lab can have a spot on the street
  • Discussion on whether to have external vendors at the Car Show
  • If we have external vendors at the Car Show, we would need a Transient Traders license ($280), proof of insurance from vendors, site map, etc.
  • Rachel to purchase a 10×10 tent from Walmart to use for the event
  • Engaging Town Councilors to hand out prizes during the Prize Presentation


MOTION To have no external vendors at the 207 Car Show due to the additional cost and administrative requirements. We will revisit this decision earlier in the year for the 2018 event. Motion by Colin, Seconded by Valerie


Music on Main

  • Kicking off Friday, August 4, lasts four weeks
  • Planning currently underway
  • Local young musicians will play music at four locations along Main Street East
  • Working with two local music studios who will be providing musicians


Movie Night under the Stars

  • Explored the option of working with the Oakville and Milton Humane Society on this event


MOTION not to move forward with this event unless we have a partner that is able to take a large portion of the event planning and administration


Other activities & events

  • Farmer’s Market (to October 7)
  • #SamePlaceNewFace social media context launched June 28 (runs to July 26)
  • Tiny Tots Halloween – In conversation with the Milton District Hospital Foundation about including a fundraising component to this event this year
  • Ongoing promotion of community and member events and activities


Beautification & maintenance


Flowers, gardens, trees

  • Replacement of selected trees along Main Street has completed at the end of June
  • All garden beds have now been planted
  • Interest from several more members in the Garden Sponsorship Program



  • Tree bed receptacles – Repair required for a few fuses that were blown during Street Festival
  • Christmas lights – Check underway
  • Wreaths – aim to put those up between November 13 and 19 if we are going to use them
  • Remembrance Day Parade (Nov 4), Santa Claus Parade (Nov 19)


MOTION to accept ED Report by Colin, Seconded by Sara


Member engagement & updates


Member updates

  • Freedom Mobile – In Carriage Square
  • Simply Creative – New ownership
  • Whipper Snipperz – New ownership (July)
  • Burger Factory – Planning to open in July
  • Listings – Splice, The Hen & the Roost


New Business

  • Received information from OBIAA related to associate member programs, meeting soon with business owner from outside our boundaries that may be interested in getting involved
  • Annual General Meeting – Takes place early October (before Thanksgiving)
  • Remind the members not to use public/town garbage bins for their waste


MOTION to adjourn the meeting (8:26 p.m.) by Colin, Seconded by Margaret

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