January 2018

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Board of Director’s Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Location: Chamber Boardroom

6:30 p.m.


In attendance: Sara Bergsma, John Silva, David O’Connell, Valerie Nicholson, Eric Chabot, Colin Best, Margaret Lara, Rachel Shuttleworth

Regrets: Troy Newton, Jennifer Beaver, Mike Boughton

Call to order: 6:45 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest


Previous minutes

MOTION to approve amended December meeting minutes by Colin, seconded by Sara


Councilor Report

  • Councilor Best appointed as Chair of the Planning Committee
  • Application for townhouse at Derry & Ontario is going to vote (688 person capacity)
  • Construction on the north side of Steeles Avenue will be completed by end of June
  • Restore applied to move to a location on Steeles next year
  • Town is proceeding with budget items
  • GO Transit purchased five acres near station – will add 800 parking spaces at the station (a tunnel will be built under the tracks)


MOTION to accept Councilor’s Report by Val, seconded by Sara


Treasurer’s Report

  • Approximately $17k surplus in 2017
  • Additional tax write-offs came in for 2017 budget
  • Furniture cost going to hit the 2018 budget


MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report by David, seconded by Val


ED Report


  • Events & Communications Coordinator – many applications received, currently reviewing resumes
  • 2018 sponsorship deck was finalized (sponsorship for events and beautification)
  • New furniture to be delivered around the January


Members, Vacancies

  • Vacancy rate for December – Estimated 5.9% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Member update – Ice Cream Lab expanding and moving to former Home Galleria location


BIA Marketing and Exposure



Holiday Street Market in Downtown Milton

  • Currently collecting feedback from members on the event (mostly positive, some negative, lots of suggestions for improvement)
  • Putting together the final report and recommendations for the event


Downtown Milton Street Festival

  • Vendor and entertainer applications went live in December, lots of interest to date
  • Credit card and debit payments will be accepted through Town’s payment system. DMSF Committee member from the Town will support with vendor applications and payments


Other events

  • February 16 – Breakfast with the Mayor 2018
  • March 24 – Downtown Milton Easter Egg Hunt



  • Wreaths will come down soon and returned to storage
  • Meeting with Town this week to begin RFP process for flowers


End of EDs Report


Strategic Planning Discussion

  • Discussion on strategic priorities and possible focus areas
  • Strategic planning discussions to continue – Eric to get in touch with Board members about next steps


Meeting adjourned: 9:15 p.m.

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