December 2018

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Troy’s Dinner

Attendees: Eric Chabot (EC), David O’Connell (DO), John Silva (JS), Sara Bergsma (SB), Troy Newton (TN), Sukh Brar (SBr), Kristina Tesser Derksen (KTD), Colin Best (CB), Rachel Shuttleworth (RS), Cheryl Ciccarelli (CC)

EC called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.

EC asked the table if there was any declaration of pecuniary interest or conflict of interest – none declared.

EC asked the group to review the previous meeting minutes.

DO moved to accept the minutes as presented.  CB seconded the motion. Motion passed.

JD presented the treasurer’s report (attached).

  • We are in a good cash position. JD will present December results at the January 2019 meeting as his last act as Treasurer.
  • All board members in favour of accepting report.

KTD presented the local Councillor report.

  • EC’s presentation to council on Dec. 10 was well received.
  • TOM is in the middle of budget process. Council will deliberate on the 14thand KTD expects a vote on the 21st.
  • 8, 2018 – Water Main Break – the Company responsible in on notice. eColi takes 24 hours to ferment and we need 2 clean tests to lift any bans.

CB presented the regional Councillor report.

  • 8, 2018 – Boil Water Advisory – CB has asked TOM staff for a complete report and notes on any compensation.
  • Cannabis discussion in Milton at Monday’s Council meeting. Mississauga and Markham voted down today. TOM staff recommendation is to say NO until there are more regulations around placement. TN noted that we need to consider the repercussions of regulations – how it looks/operates.
  • Habitat/Restore closing June 30 – to become a TOM parking lot
  • Budget 19 note -SF/Canada Day both under discussion – this will be the last year for the Canada Day committee – they are all retiring.
  • CB noted that TOM would be advertising for all Boards and Committees in January 2019.

CC presented the Executive Director’s Report (attached).

  • DMSF – EC gave presentation at Dec. 10thCouncil meeting. Several councillors expressed support. BOD asked to review follow up letter to council. All agreed was ok to send.
    • EC/CB noted that the Canada Day Committee needs to be revitalized and there could be advantages for BIA to take this on.
    • Staff proposal is impossible – need council direction – best to hold off on changes to 2019 festival. In 2019 we could hire an additional resource to take on both Canada Day and DMSF.
      • TN commented that when we do big events, we attract people from other towns to spend money.
      • KTD: great opportunity to brand the town
    • HSM – CC reviewed 2018 market and noted challenges/concerns. Full report will be given at January meeting.
      • BOD discussed taking on a 1-week market in 2019.Could be a downtown component. TN suggested could add Miracle on Main.  JS said would need to tap into surplus cash for this.
    • DO made a motion to accept the ED report. SB seconded the motion.  All in favour – motion passed.

Election of 2019 Board of Directors

EC thanked outgoing Directors John and Val for their service.

Their retirement left one open seat on the Board. SB made a motion to elect Sukh Brar of Print’d to fill the open seat. CB seconded the motion.  All in favour – motion passed.

The 2019 Executive was elected.

CB made a motion to elect Eric Chabot of Spareparts to the position of Chair. DO seconded the motion.  All in favour – motion passed.

CB made a motion to elect David O’Connell of BANG! Creative to the position of Vice-Chair.  JS seconded the motion.  All in favour – motion passed.

No one accepted nomination to the position of Treasurer.  This position will remain open until appointed by the Board at a later date.

Note: At the Town Council meeting on December 17, 2018.  Ward 1 Local Councillor Kristina Tesser Derksen and Ward 1 Regional Councillor Colin Best were appointed to the DMBIA Board of Directors.

EC asked for any new business.  None was presented.  EC thanked Troy Newton of Troy’s Diner for hosting.

CB made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  TN seconded the motion.  All in favour – motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm


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