BOD Minutes – February 2020

Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020
Location: Chamber Boardroom 6:30 p.m.

Eric Chabot (EC), David O’Connell (DO), Joe Taglieri (JT), Colin Best (CB),), Miguel Gonsalves (MG), Margaret Lara (ML), Troy Newton (TN),  Cheryl Ciccarelli (CC).

Kristina Tesser Derksen (KTD), Sara Bergsma (SB), Sukh Brar (SBr),

EC called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

EC asked the table if there was any declaration of pecuniary interest or conflict of interest. No declarations were made.

EC asked the group to review the previous meeting minutes.

  • CB noted the need to add “the Civic Study recommendations have been implemented” after the last bullet point of his report in the January 2020 Minutes.
  • CB made a motion to accept the previous minutes with the noted change. ML seconded this motion.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (presented at meeting).

  • MG presented treasurer’s report.
  • MG discussed the adjustments made for last year’s flowers contract and advised that a surplus was still realized.
  • MG to follow up with TOM re: surplus amount. Anticipates the need to dip into the surplus this year.
  • CB moved to accept the treasurer’s report .ML seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Councillor’s Report:


  • There will be a public meeting about the TSC building application. The Durante application has been revised to 2 x 18 story buildings and an increased number of units.
  • Town of Milton staff is working on the Strat plan
  • Region is working on a Construction report for 2020
  • Police report that since 1980, crime rates are down in Milton
  • Allocation has been approved for 8700 new unites in the next 5 years.
  • CN development has gone to the Ministry/cabinet for review. Process is expected to take 3-5 years.
  • There is a new tenant at 174 Main Street.
  • ML moved to accept the Council report as presented. JT seconded the motion. Motion passed.

CC presented the Executive Director’s Report (attached).

  • In addition to the items presented in the attachment, the following things were discussed.
    • CC reviewed plans for a new event – Music On Main to be run during summer 2020. The board approved the proposal and CC to begin seeking participants for this event.
    • CC distributed copies of the most recent member survey results. Attention was drawn to the fact that those businesses who are not directly on Main Street tend to feel left out of BIA initiatives. Discussion occurred about how to be more inclusive.  CC discussed plans to:
      • Introduce event signage (A frames) to draw attention to stores off Main Street.
      • Intention to discuss spreading beautification budget out to include Mill, Charles and Mary streets.
      • Planned feature in Discover Downtown Milton Spring and Summer editions with a focus on Mill St., Charles St., Mary Street and Carriage Square
    • CB moved to accept the ED’s report. MG seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Other Business:

CB: Carriage Square Bridge

  • CB advised that the Condo board has declined the bridge proposal
    • As a result, CB no longer recommends that the BIA support the bridge proposal. CB further reported that only 2 people have discussed bridge concerns with him.  Carriage Square is not interest in pursuing this.


CB moved to adjourn the meeting.  EC seconded the motion. Motion passed.

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