August 2018

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area

Board Meeting Minutes (August 8, 2018)

Location: Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

In attendance: John Da Silva, Colin Best, Valerie Nicholson, David O’Connell, Margaret Lara, Rachel Shuttleworth

Regrets: Sara Bergsma, Mike Boughton, Troy Newton, Eric Chabot

Guests: Kristina Tesser

Call to order:6:55 p.m.

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest


Previous minutes

MOTION to approve July meeting minutes by Colin, seconded by Valerie

Acknowledgement of guest

  • Kristina Tesser – Lawyer at Johnson McMaster Law Office

Treasurer’s Report

  • July had revenues coming in from the Car Show (sponsorship, registrations)
  • A correction was made to the tax levy amount (we received an additional $500)
  • Expenses were as expected, mostly related to the Car Show
  • Averaging expenses of about $25k/month. We are expected to use some of the reserve funds this year.
  • Some additional funds could come in from Tiny Tots and the Holiday Street Market
  • Expecting a small surplus this year (but once you remove the $10k reserve amount we put into the budget, a small deficit is expected)
  • 2019 draft budget:
    • Designed to absorb some variability
    • Propose combining the ED and Coordinator salaries line item
    • Reduction in Contracts
    • Small decrease in DMSF budget
    • Want to maintain 80% levy, 20% earned revenue breakdown
    • Beautification – some efficiencies this year with our new flower contractor
    • If there is room in either the 2018 or 2019 budgets, we would like to redo the street banners but not a guarantee for either year
    • Proposing a 3.5% increase on the tax levy (less than Town tax increase)
    • Job Grant – source of revenue for us
    • Fees & sponsorship – kept those aligned with this year’s amounts
    • Goal after 2019 is to increase the fees, donations and sponsorship
    • Not tapping into budget surplus in 2019
    • 2019 budget will be voted on at the September meeting

MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Colin, seconded by Valerie

Council Report

  • Town staff recommending tax increase in the 2019 budget in order to maintain current service levels
  • Election taking place in October
  • 2019 budget call report for Council:
  • Ongoing discussions on the Carriage Square pedestrian bridge, Town staff is currently looking at having construction done from the Millside Drive side, since they cannot do it from Carriage Square. Colin is meeting with residents, Town staff and Conservation Halton in the coming weeks to review alternatives for the bridge. Will have a further update at the next Board meeting.
  • Link for more information on all regional and local construction projects:
  • Watermain repairs/replacement work planned for Martin and Main St is now starting. Crews will work on Martin St. first, then do Main St.
  • Construction work currently underway on Steeles
  • Tremaine – on and off-ramps from 401 slated for 2022
  • Intersection widening at Main & Bronte should help traffic flow when it is completed October 31st (or earlier)
  • Meeting with Joy Anderson at the Town of Milton about concerns around costs for the Street Festival.
  • Canada Day – committee will not continue to work on the event after 2019

MOTION to accept Council Report by John, seconded by Margaret

ED Report


Annual General Meeting & All Candidates Meeting for Municipal Election

  • Wednesday, September 19, Southside Community Church
  • All candidates have been invited, some have RSVP’ed already
  • Notification to members, the general public and the media to begin shortly
  • The agenda is as follows:
    • 6:00 p.m. – Registration, networking
    • 6:30 p.m. – Downtown Milton BIA 2018 Annual General Meeting
    • 7:30 p.m. – All Candidates Meeting
    • 9:00 p.m. – Wrap- up
  • ACTION: Questions for candidates: Ask members ahead of time what questions they want to ask candidates and reach out to various community groups to ask them to provide input on the questions
  • Could have someone from the media be the moderator for the event
  • Discussed opportunities to have the event recorded and available to read or watch afterwards

Lease Renewal

  • Further discussed the lease renewal with the landlord. They are offering an additional reduction in the last two years on rate increases for the 5-year agreement. The revised proposal is as follows:

MOTION to move ahead with five-year lease by Colin, seconded by Valerie

Board of Directors

  • Received two applications to join the Board – will vote on board members at a later meeting
  • ACTION: Rachel to confirm which current board members are staying and which are leaving


  • Summer student will be finishing up with us next week
  • ED temporary replacement – Currently exploring a few candidate recommendations, looking to have someone in place for mid-October for training

Members, Vacancies

  • Vacancy rate for June – Estimated 5.5% (OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%)
  • Member updates – Real Estate office opening soon in the former Spice o’ Life location, Miss Bailey Brown Chocolates opened up in 13 Charles St. complex, HR/Recruitment agency opened at 192 Main in the basement
  • Food truck/trailers – 10 responses from BIA members on the survey, 80 responses on a post on Milton Talks posted by a BIA member. Currently reviewing responses and looking at regulations in other municipalities. More information to come.

Construction updates

  • Charles Street (Main to Mill) – Asphalt is now down, restoration work will take place until around August 17, sod will go down in September
  • Main Street (James to Bronte) and Martin Street (Main to Steeles) – Watermain and sewer work taking place from August 2018 till the summer of 2019.

Marketing and Promotions

  • Recent and/or upcoming coverage on the Car Show in Snapd, Champion, MyFM, Old Autos, Community Captured
  • Promotions on Sidewalk Sale in the Champion, Snapd, social media
  • Profile this month on Yogurty’s in Snapd and on our website


Multicultural Event

  • Proposal submitted to Board by member Joseph Pedulla for a multicultural event
  • Pavilions throughout the event that showcase different cultures
  • Would have local cultural groups running each pavilion
  • Recommendation to host the event during warmer months
  • BIA could consider supporting by helping to promote, and connecting groups with members

Downtown Milton Classic Car Show

  • Review of 2018 Downtown Milton Classic Car Show summary report (see full report for details)
  • Overall, the event was a success and brought some value to our members
  • Price increase to $15 per registration worked ok
  • Could consider adding a different element to the event by using the ReStore (ie for luxury cars, antique fire trucks, etc)
  • Look at a 50/50 draw for next year
  • Could look at ways to add a charitable component in the future
  • More permits will be required next year – increase in costs

Sounds of Summer Sidewalk Sale

  • Saturday, August, 11, from 12-6 p.m. (following the Farmers’ Market)
  • 17 members have confirmed they will participate (4 still need to provide insurance)
  • Members are participating by putting out clothing racks and product displays, running sales and promotions, selling food and gourmet treats, etc.
  • Three music schools will have students playing at various locations along Main Street
  • No road closure for this event
  • Town requires a special event permit for the event, and also requires insurance from participating businesses (some businesses view the insurance requirement as a barrier – we are trying to walk them through the process with their insurance companies)

ACTION: Valerie / McCuaig to develop an article on how to ask for an insurance certificate and we can publish the article and a bio or boilerplate on the website

Other events

  • Farmers’ Market – every Saturday till October 6th
  • Culture Days – September 28-30
  • Doors Open Milton – September 30
  • Lots of member and community-hosted events on the BIA Events Calendar


Tree bed receptacles

  • Discussion on tree bed receptacles – ACTION: Get quotes from Ducon and electrical companies for alternatives to the receptacles, or on removing them
  • ACTION: Discussion with Town on having flags/posts in place so snow plow operators can see the receptacles and not hit them

MOTION to accept ED Report by Colin, seconded by Valerie

MOTION to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m. by Colin, seconded by Valerie

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