August 2017

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Board of Director’s Meeting

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Location: Milton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom

6:30 p.m.


In attendance: Eric Chabot, Colin Best, Margaret Lara, Sara Bergsma, Mike Boughton, John Silva, Rachel Shuttleworth

Regrets: David O’Connell, Valerie Nicholson


Call to order: 6:55 p.m.


Review of Previous Minutes

MOTION to accept previous minutes: Colin, Seconded by Margaret


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Council Report



  • Regional budget for 2018 will be increased by 2-3% over last year’s budget
  • Discussions underway with the province to secure additional funding to support growth in the region
  • Construction projects: Steeles Avenue curb work is starting soon. New asphalt will be going in at the Fairgrounds and they will be raising the level of part of the grounds



  • Lots of positive feedback in the community on the Street Festival and Classic Car Show
  • In July, the BIA submitted a report and additional recommendations to Council and the Planning Department related to the proposed zoning bylaw amendments
  • Landlords received some levy money back due to a recent over-charge


MOTION to accept Council Report: John, Seconded by Sara


Treasurer’s Report

  • Spending has been consistent and on track
  • 2018 budget will be presented at the September board meeting, then shared with members at the AGM


ED Report – August 2017



  • Office clean-up underway, new table needed, securing storage unit for wreaths
  • 2018 budget will be presented at the next Board meeting
  • Discussion on next steps and requirements for Annual General Meeting – target date is Thursday, September 28
  • Tax levy – Reimbursement to property owners in July due to over-charge on levy (approximately $44,500 was paid back). Through the course of this, Town staff found that our funding/levy breakdown structure is based on old legislation (the bylaw will be repealed). Levy breakdown structure will need to be reviewed and possibly updated in the fall.


Government Relations

Municipal: Zoning

  • Zoning presentation package emailed to Mayor, Councilors, Planning Department on July 24
  • BIA will be meeting with Town’s Planning Department to provide further recommendations
  • Council will vote on the proposed amendments at the September 11 meeting, BIA applied to have a delegate speak there


Municipal: Certificate of Occupancy

  • Municipal Law Enforcement Unit proposed an amendment to the Town’s business licensing bylaw and requested a letter of support from the BIA about these changes
  • Proposing to remove the requirement for food, auctioneers and pawnbrokers to obtain an annual business license (they would still need to obtain a certificate of occupancy when they open – one-time fee)
  • Request to find out from staff why those particular business types were selected and why the change can’t apply to all or other businesses, and could submit a statement that the BIA supports a reduction in fees for all businesses – remove red tape


Provincial: Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Plan


Vacancy Rate July 2017


OBBIA vacancy average is 9.7%


BIA Marketing and Exposure

  • Recent – Snap’d feature on Mama’s Pierogies and the Car Show, Car Show coverage in Milton Villager and on CogecoTV Halton, Metroland’s ‘Welcome to Milton’ fall feature which goes to 12,000 new households in Milton, Old Autos Magazine, Member profiles on Milton Villager website
  • Upcoming – Champion article promoting Music on Main, Niagara Escarpment Views ad and event promotion
  • Social media contest #SamePlaceNewFace – Celebrating Milton 160/Canada 150, social media contest, limited uptake on this but gained some good learning



Downtown Milton Street Festival

  • Next meeting – Report, budget actuals and recommendations, updated logo for review/approval


Downtown Milton Classic Car Show

  • Event took place Friday, July 21st, lots of people attended (estimate around 30,000), about 130 cars participated
  • Positive feedback from the public through social media and our survey
  • Members were generally pleased with the event (a few small issues)
  • Currently putting together wrap-up report, recommendations, budget actuals
  • Facebook Live videos got a lot of views
  • Greatly appreciate all the support from our sponsors for this event!
  • SMART Automotive committed to sponsor $2,500 for the event and has not paid. They have received full sponsor benefits and extensive exposure. Discussion on next steps.


MOTION to pursue legal action if required in order to collect payment from SMART Automotive: Sara, Seconded by Margaret


Music on Main

  • August 4th session cancelled due to thunderstorms
  • Will have musicians in 3-4 areas along Main Street for the remaining dates
  • Remaining dates are August 11, 18 and 25


Tiny Tot Trick or Treat in Downtown Milton

  • Event scheduled for October 28, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • If we can partner with a sponsor, consider including a fundraising component to the event for 2017 (raising funds for the Milton District Hospital)


Other upcoming activities:

  • Farmer’s Market (to October 7)
  • Remembrance Day Parade – November (wreath from BIA)
  • Santa Claus Parade – November (support for sponsorship)
  • Downtown for the Holidays – Details to come
  • Ongoing promotion of community and member events and activities



Flowers, gardens, trees

  • Continuing to work to get sponsors onboard for the Garden Sponsorship Program



  • Christmas light repairs for six poles – 1 pole to be rewrapped and 5 poles to have their plugs checked (lights are out but likely don’t need to be rewrapped)
  • Repairs needed for three tree bed receptacles
  • John to discuss repairs and wrapping directly with Holley Electric, Rachel to connect him with the Holley contact person
  • Suggestion to look into getting a multi-year service contracts done up for labour (wreath hanging, etc) and electrical repairs (receptacles, Christmas lights, etc)



  • Clean, fluff, redecorate wreaths and put them in storage until we need them starting mid-November


MOTION to spend $5,000 to redecorate our wreaths and prepare them for use in 2017: Sara, Seconded by: Margaret


Member engagement & updates

  • Laundromat closed in Carriage Square
  • Burger Factory – Renovations still underway
  • Sixteen Mile Gallery – Yoga classes
  • Jameel – Opening new studio in Oakville


MOTION to accept ED report by Mike, Seconded by Margaret


Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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