April 2017

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area


Minutes from Board of Director’s Meeting

Meeting date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Location: BIA Boardroom


In attendance: David O’Connell, Sara Bergsma, Valerie Nicholson, Margaret Lara, Colin Best, John Silva, Eric Chabot (phone)

Absent: Stephen Mangotich, Mike Boughton


Call to order: 6:15 p.m.


Review of Previous Minutes


MOTION to accept previous minutes: Colin, Seconded by: Sara


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest



Councilor’s Report: Colin Best

  • Staff report on amendments to the Zoning Bylaws and Official Plan coming to Council on April 24
  • Parking study report also coming to Council on April 24
  • Milton Bible Church has been sold, Southside Community Church has purchased it
  • Tremaine Road – CPR underpass construction to begin this summer and to be completed in 2019
  • 401 Interchanges scheduled to open in 2021
  • Martin & Steeles construction to be completed in spring 2018 (adding a second left turn lane on south-east Martin to Steeles and north-east from Steeles to Martin)
  • Steeles Avenue (Appleby to Tremaine) – will be widened to four lanes in 2018
  • Building report: 612 home permits issued to date this year, triple the number from last year


MOTION to accept Councilor’s Report by: Valerie, Seconded by: Margaret


ED Report


Administration updates

Summer student

  • New student hired, starting Monday, May 8th
  • Motion passed on March 24, 2017 by email for hiring of student (See appendix for results)
  • Laptop required for the student to use this year, then this will be used by one of the existing office staff members instead of their current computer
  • Recommendation from the board to get full three-year warranty, purchase a Mac to ensure compatibility with existing computers and system in the office


MOTION to spend up to $1,600 for the purchase of a laptop by: Colin, Seconded by: Margaret



Downtown Milton BIA Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw/Policy requirements for local boards under Municipal Act, 2001

  • Policy on the sale and other disposition of land
    • Town is currently updating their bylaws and will confirm if they can adjust their wording so it applies to all local boards (unless the local board passes their own policy which would supersede the Town’s policy)
    • Policy on procurement of goods and services
      • Our current Purchasing policy is being reviewed by the Town of Milton’s Finance department, they will inform us if our policy covers this requirement or if changes are needed
      • Update the policy to add new approval levels:
        • ED can approve expenditures up to $1,000
        • Approval by two board members is required for expenditures between $1,000 and $1,500
        • Approval by board of management is required for expenditures over $1,500


MOTION to update expenditure approval levels by: John, Seconded by: Valerie


ACTION: Rachel to update the policy and bring back to the Board to be ratified.


  • Constitution
    • Closed meeting provisions changing this fall in the Municipal Act so we can update our Constitution accordingly after that
    • Ensure number of board members is consistent throughout the document
    • Update as needed based on updates to the Purchasing policy


ACTION: Rachel to make updates discussed to the Constitution and bring back to the Board to be ratified.


  • Code of Conduct
    • The document we currently use (from the Town) is appropriate for this, no changes needed


  • Policy on hiring of employees
    • BIA requires a policy on this


  • Procedural policy
    • Governs the calling, place and proceedings of meetings
    • Option to use Town’s procedure bylaw and note that in our Constitution or create our own (consider relevant items from Municipal Act – sections 237 to 239.2: https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/01m25#BK287)


ACTION: Rachel to draft policies for hiring of employees and procedures based on examples available from OBIAA and other BIAs. Bring to board for review and approval.


Online payment system

  • In discussion with Town of Milton Finance Department
  • Some opportunities exist with PayPal, etc., exploring associated costs & requirements
  • Rachel continuing to explore this option


Government Relations

Updates from the Region

  • Vacant Unit Tax Rebate Policy: Our input provided to Halton Region Economic Development Office. Regional staff recommended to Regional Council a gradual phase out over two years of this rebate
  • Community improvement plan dollars available for municipalities ($75k) – good opportunity for BIAs


ACTION: Rachel to investigate support available through community improvement plans.


Zoning bylaws

  • Town staff to share proposed amendments to zoning bylaws with Town Council on April 24
  • BIA provided input and recommendations on the proposed changes and participated in related discussions (Chamber of Commerce GR meeting and stakeholder consultation/open house)
  • Town has given us the opportunity to provide additional information related to our recommendations (exceptions, etc)



  • Met with Hon. Indira Naidoo-Harris to discuss the BIA, challenges of members, events, etc. She will be hosting consultation meetings with specific groups. Discussion of variance process and floodplain – BIA to share additional information on these with her


Vacancy Rate March 2017:

  • 5.3%
  • OBIAA Vacancy Average is 9.7%
  • Board discussed better tracking turnover in our BIA


BIA marketing and exposure:

  • Rachel to provide quarterly updates on social media followers and website visits
  • Recent coverage:
    • Snap’d article (April): Top Five Things to do in Downtown Milton this Spring
    • Coverage in Champion, Insidehalton.com, Snap’d and the Milton Villager related to new ED announcement
    • Upcoming opportunities:
      • Perspective Milton: Insert in the Globe & Mail (later in April) commissioned by Town of Milton’s Economic Department to be used as an attraction piece to promote living, working, and doing business in Milton. Distribution to 140,000 households, online and through Milton Economic Development Department events
      • Milton Canadian Champion: Canada 150/Milton 160 ‘Now & Then’ in Downtown Milton


Event Updates

Annual Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Took place on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Main St was closed between Martin & James Streets (fire trucks on both ends of closure)
  • 42 members participated in the event, 8 external companies provided in-kind donations (prizes, goodies, promotions), 288 email addresses were collected for our quarterly newsletter
  • Additional ‘buzz building’ around Downtown Milton businesses:
    • Draw prizes – Visitors named their favourite Downtown Milton business (winning business gets profiled in Snap’d)
    • Prize for feedback survey – $100 for any Downtown Milton business
    • Event wrap-up including lessons learned, survey results, total costs (hard costs & staff costs) will be provided at May board meeting




  • All Entertainers have been booked/confirmed, including Zone 1 performance area
  • Note: this area WILL BE moving to Commercial and the Main Stage being placed at Fulton St to accommodate the size of stage for the closer. Bryden’s has been notified and assured that there will be a performance area (Zone 1) beside his location
  • The Committee is finalizing an agreement with a headliner that will be approved/confirmed by April 14, 2017
  • We are extending the closing time of the Festival to 11:30 p.m. to accommodate an appropriate amount of performance time (i.e – 90 minutes) for the headliner (by-law approved)



  • We received over 100 vendor applications (excluding BIA members). All vendors have been notified and confirmed. Currently have 18 people on a waitlist; the Committee is meeting again on April 11, 2017 to determine which vendors will be selected


Classic Car Show:

  • Happening Friday, July 21st, 2017 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Additional follow up required with potential sponsors
  • Discussing online payment system option with Town



  • Other summer activities (July and August) – TBD
  • Farmer’s Market (May to October) – Three bump-outs for BIA members
  • Movie Night under the Stars (September) – Recommendations to come




  • End of three-year contract with current vendor
  • Purchasing policy requires that we go out with RFP for this work after the current contract is up


Lamp Pole Lights

Update on work with Ducon:

  • Existing tree lights: tree in front of parking lot of Dorland-Haights Gallery
  • 200 Main St: wrapping of the post (receptacle)
  • In ground receptacle in front of Milton Health Foods
  • Initial install of $5,800 has been paid for work completed
  • Identification of work outstanding


Garden Sponsorship Program

May – October, 2017

  • Initial email sent to members calling for sponsorship
  • Follow up required with previous sponsors and other members


MOTION to accept ED Report by: Margaret, Seconded by: Valerie


Treasurer’s Report: John Silva

  • Spending on track to date for the current year
  • BIA continues to be in a good financial position
  • No unexpected expenditures to date


MOTION to accept the Treasure’s Report by Valerie, Seconded by Sara


New Business:

Strategic Planning:

  • The 2015 Strategic Plan still valid and relevant.
  • In 2018 we will discuss whether a new strategic plan is needed


ACTION: Rachel to send the 2015 strategic plan out to the board as a refresher.


Canada 150/Milton 160 Proposal:

  • Update – social media contest, creative template, banners, etc


WIFI in Downtown Milton:

  • Next steps: Meeting to take place soon with Rob Duvall to further discuss this project.


MOTION to adjourn the meeting (7:10 p.m.): Margaret, Seconded by: Valerie




Downtown Milton BIA Special Vote (Online) – Hiring of Summer Student


DATE: March 24, 2017



Move that the Downtown Milton BIA Board of Directors approve the spending of up to $6,850 to hire a summer student for the summer of 2017.



We have been making progress on recruiting a summer student to fill the role of Events and Communications Assistant from May to August 2017. To proceed with making the offer to our selected candidate, we require the approval from the Board. We have applied for the Summer Student Job Grant which may cover around $3,000 for the student. We will find out later in April if our application has been approved. However, there is a need for us to have the support of a student in the summer time and waiting until April to recruit for the role is not recommended.



SECONDED BY: David O’Connell










Eric Chabot







David O’Connell

Vice Chair


11:15 am 2017-03-24




John Silva



11:13 am 2017-03-24




Rachel Shuttleworth

Executive Director






Mike Boughton

Town Council Rep

Yes (by phone)

1:05 pm 2017-03-25




Colin Best

Regional Council Rep

Aye Captain!

Good luck with the application.

11:32 am 2017-03-24




Valerie Nicholson

Board Member






Sara Bergsma

Board Member


12:19 pm 2017-03-24




Stephen Mangotich

Board Member


11:24 am 2017-03-24




Margaret Lara

Board Member








Yay: 6


Abstained: 1


Motion is [carried / not carried]: CARRIED

This motion to be ratified at the next board meeting scheduled April 12, 2017.

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