2015 November Board Meeting

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area



Board of Director’s Meeting


Wednesday, November 11th, 2015




  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of previous minutes
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Council Report
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. New Business
  8. Next Meeting Date:     Wednesday, December 9th at 6:30pm
  9. Adjournment


Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Downtown Milton BIA Meeting Minutes

Location: Downtown Milton BIA Office

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Attendees: David O’Connell, John Da Silva, Colin Best, Valerie Nicholson, Sara Bergsma, Margaret Lara, Miriam Dorland-Haight, Laurie Chambers

Regrets: Jackie Rowley, Eric Chabot, Mike Boughton


Action Items Summary:

  • Laurie to add Bergsma’s seminars to “News” section on our Website
  • Laurie to send out communication for a new Marketing Committee
  • Laurie to review by-laws


Call to Order: 6:38pm


Review of Previous Minutes:

MOTION to accept: Colin, Seconded by: Sara


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest:

  • No new conflicts


Treasurer’s Report: John da Silva

  • John noted that the budget approval process has been delayed by a month to December
  • Large invoice was paid this month to BANG! For website
  • Still on track to leave year with a surplus
  • Will be giving a year in review budget review to members at the AGM


MOTION to accept Treasurer’s Report: Colin, Seconded by: Margaret


Council Report:

  • There have been motions put towards council to avoid duplication of the conservation authority
  • Crosswalk report to be delivered to council by the end of October
    • We should have some idea of when downtown will see movement on replacing the current “crosswalks” with legal, visible, pedestrian crossings
    • The closure at Main and Scott is having some impact on both foot and car traffic
      • Should be reopened by the end of November

MOTION to accept Council Report: Val, Seconded by: Sara


ED Report:

Event Updates

Paint the Downtown Red

  • Promotion mechanics have changed this year and will include a #change drive only from September 26th to October 3rd
  • 18 businesses have graciously hosted a loose change drive and supply paint cans as donation jars
  • Each of those 18 businesses have been featured on our social media for promotion of both #change drive and individual businesses
  • Update to as to how much as be presented at October meeting

Tiny Tots Trick or Treat

  • Actually falls on Halloween this year, so we are expecting a bumper year for kiddos
  • So Charming is sending both Pirates and Princesses, free of charge, to play games and corral the kids
    • As such, they have been added to our posters as a sponsor
    • The owner of Shoppers Drug Mart Carriage Square has graciously offered 10% off all Halloween candy for participating BIA members
      • We had hopped to pre-order candy individually for any member who would like a greater discount than 10%, however we discovered that we had missed the Halloween order deadline by two weeks (as of September 11th)
      • I have it diarized for next year to make sure we are able to hit the pre-order deadline

Fall/Winter Events

  • Shop The Neighbourhood is on November 28th.  Promotion will be starting towards the end of October
    • Laurie will be calling on other BIAs to see what they do to further promote and enhance this event
    • YP will be shipping their own promotional material out shortly
    • Downtown for the Holidays has been officially moved to the three Friday evenings in December
      • Beavertails, Horse and carriage rides, Mr and Mrs. Clause, and the frozen tea party have all been confirmed
      • Still waiting to see if Waldie’s will be involved again this year
      • Sponsorship will be sought: waiting to hear back from Croziers


  • We have our first official garden sponsor of $100 from Kim Chiropractic – Bang! Printed off a placard and it now sits out in front of Grill Daddy’s
  • Watering of our plants will officially end on October 2nd – so pray for damp weather until the last weekend for the Famers Market October 10th
  • Croziers has been contacted to sponsor a new lighting solution

Social Media/Website Update

Moving forward this category will be presented as a month over month spreadsheet/chart to visually express and track the community engagement of our social media campaigns.




Unique Visits



Likes to date



Followers to date



Followers to date


MOTION to accept Executive Director Report: Sara, Seconded by: Val

New Business


  • Stop the Gap Project: http://stopgapblog.blogspot.ca/p/community-ramp-project.html
    • Cute and colourful way to make business Downtown more accessible
    • There was some worry from the team that we are unsure of whom would build these ramps, along with the potential cost of materials
    • Dedicated Historical Area: This would allow Downtown businesses to legally be open on Stat. Holidays
      • There was some concern that the cost associated with the designation ($2K) may not benefit the majority of our members
      • Currently have a 3.6% retail ratio of Downtown businesses


MOTION to adjourn the meeting (9:10pm): Valerie, Seconded by John

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