2015 March Board Meeting

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area



Board of Director’s Meeting


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Downtown Milton BIA Office




  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of previous minutes
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Council Report
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. New Business
  8. Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 8th at 6:30pm
  9. Adjournment





Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Downtown Milton BIA Meeting Minutes

Location: Downtown Milton BIA Office

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


Attendees: Eric Chabot, David O’Connell, John Da Silva, Colin Best, Mike Boughton, Sara Bergsma, Valerie Nicholson, Margaret Lara, Katrina Lemire

Regrets: Miriam Dorland-Haight, Jackie Rowley


Action Items Summary:

  • Katrina to provide summary of Events & Marketing Committee meetings as part of Executive Director’s Report (monthly)
  • Katrina to conduct post-game review of Discover Beauty promotion and the associated coupon (with feedback from participants) to understand implications for future promotions (April)
  • Katrina to investigate other options for flower baskets that would reduce watering and maintenance costs
  • Katrina to develop and distribute RFQ for flowers and associated maintenance to local businesses
  • Colin to follow up with Town Engineering department regarding street lights
  • Colin to submit a Notice of Motion regarding recommended changes to zoning by-laws


Call to Order: 6:37pm


Review of Previous Minutes:

  • MOTION to accept: Colin, Seconded by: Valerie


Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest:

  • None declared


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Town is closing out 2014 accounting
  • BIA is approximately $1,400 overspent – reasonable given the challenges of 2014
  • Surplus will now be approximately $11,000
  • MOTION to accept: David, Seconded by: Colin


Council Report:

  • Welcome to Mike Boughton, newly appointed Council Representative
  • Colin:
    • Regional Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018 is expected to be finalized and approved in early April
    • Derry Road construction is expected to be completed in June 2015 (in time for Pan Am Games)
    • Main Street West improvements set to start in Summer 2015
    • Town is hosting a number of events on Family Day including open house at the velodrome
    • Mike:
      • Town has managed snow removal along Main Street well so far this year including removal of snow banks
      • Mike encouraged business owners to shovel out portions of their banks to allow for better access from parked cars to sidewalks
    • MOTION to accept Council Report: David, Seconded by: Valerie


ED Report:

Events & Marketing Committee

  • New committee includes David O’Connell (Chair), Francis Otto (Aiden N Co), Brian Cachia (The WORKS), Scott Prior (Realtor, Community Volunteer)
  • Events & Marketing Committee will recommend new ideas and improvements for 2015 events and promotional activities
  • ACTION: Katrina to present summary of committee meetings as part of ED report on a monthly basis (see below for February 10th meeting summary)
  • 2015 Events & Marketing Calendar, presented at the Board Meeting, was updated by the committee and now includes social media promotion for local events that are held within walking distance of Downtown (eg. Fall Fair, Canada Day)
    • This document will be used as a guide for budget and planning purposes in 2015
    • It was noted that more buffer should be built in for DMSF as we have consistently overspent on this event.

2015 Beautification

  • The Flower Shed confirmed their interest in providing the flowers and associated maintenance for Downtown Milton again for 2015
  • Costs were reduced slightly ($100/week less for maintenance as well as slight decreases for baskets and beds) but total expenses would still be approximately $27,000
  • Cost is driven by maintenance. Reducing the amount of flowers wouldn’t make a significant difference in the expense.  Instead, we should work to find ways to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Given the amount, a formal RFQ is required to ensure we are diligent in our choice of supplier.
  • ACTION: Katrina to investigate other options for baskets that would reduce watering and maintenance costs
  • ACTION: Katrina to develop and distribute RFQ to other businesses

Office Staff Update

  • Board agreed with recommendation to move ahead with hiring a summer student
  • Katrina to review Canada Summer Jobs Grant requirements to understand any implications with hiring a student prior to receiving funding approval

Farmer’s Market

  • Use of Farmer’s Market bump out spaces in 2014 was low with the same 8 businesses using them every week
  • MOTION to not purchase Farmer’s Market bump-out spaces for 2015: John, Seconded by: Sara
  • NOTE: Please see subsequent motion below from February 27th.

OBIAA Conference

  • Katrina to attend April 19 to 21
  • MOTION to accept ED Report: Colin, Seconded by: John


New Business:

  • Street Lights
    • Many Downtown street lights are not working and/or different colours.
    • Colin and Katrina had already submitted a report regarding this.
    • ACTION: Colin to follow up with Town Engineering department.
    • Mill Street Condo Development Proposal
      • Eric and Katrina has been asked to attend a meeting regarding the Condo Development Proposal on February 11th
      • BIA’s comments on this development included:
        • Intensification and development is welcomed by BIA businesses
        • Height of condo development may be a concern for some residents
        • What are the expected demographics of the condo residents? Higher end condos would be more beneficial for Downtown
    • Main Floor Offices
      • Colin has met with a number of Downtown landowners who are concerned about the length of vacancy on some of their properties
      • They feel that changes to the zoning by-laws to allow main floor offices would give them more opportunity to rent out their properties.  It would also allow the market to decide the best uses for Downtown properties.
      • Although Town staff may be reviewing zoning by-laws as part of the Civic Precinct Study, this is a recommendation that cannot wait.
      • Original recommendation was to update the zoning by-laws for only side streets but it was agreed that applying the same zoning across all Downtown properties would be more beneficial and allow for mixed use throughout Downtown
      • ACTION: Colin to submit a Notice of Motion regarding the changes to zoning by-laws
    • Crosswalks
      • Colin provided a picture of raised crosswalks that are currently used in Georgetown
      • Katrina to follow up to find out if they work for slowing traffic and improving safety for pedestrians


Motion to adjourn the meeting (8:37pm): Colin, 

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