2015 February Board Meeting

Downtown Milton Business Improvement Area



Board of Director’s Meeting


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Downtown Milton BIA Office




  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of previous minutes
  3. Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Council Report
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. New Business
  • Downtown Condo Development Update
  1. Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 11th at 6:30pm
  2. Adjournment





Previous Meeting’s Minutes

Downtown Milton BIA Meeting Minutes

Location: Downtown Milton BIA Office

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015


Attendees: Colin Best, Eric Chabot, John Da Silva, David O’Connell, Valerie Nicholson, Miriam Dorland-Haight, Jackie Rowley, Margaret Lara, Katrina Lemire

Regrets: Sara Bergsma


Action Items Summary:

  • Katrina and Events Committee to develop 2015 Event Plan for Board Approval (February)
  • Katrina to conduct post-game review of Discover Beauty promotion and the associated coupon (with feedback from participating businesses) to understand implications for future promotions (April)
  • Katrina to investigate options, besides banners, that could provide visual support for PanAm Games Downtown from April to August 2015 (February)
  • Katrina to provide ideas for other Summer 2015 event options that don’t involve closing the street (February)
  • Katrina to provide comments to Town regarding the MCR Employment and Retail/Commercial Land Needs Study (January 30th)


Call to Order: 6:31pm


Review of Previous Minutes:

  • Motion to accept: Valerie, Seconded by: Miriam


Board Orientation

  • Each Board Director received a Manual that included the following information:
    • Board Director Manual
    • Sample Welcome Package
    • BIA Map
    • Constitution, Purchasing Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Town of Milton Code of Conduct for Committee members
    • 2015 Budget
    • Business Mix Analysis (as of January 2015)
    • Proposed Strategic Priorities and Tactics for 2015
    • Materials were reviewed.
    • Each Director signed the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Code of Conduct statement


Executive Committee Election

  • After reviewing the key tasks associated with the three elected roles, elections were held.
  • Chair: Motion to nominate Eric Chabot: Miriam, Seconded by: Colin
    • Nomination accepted by Eric
    • All in favour
    • Vice-Chair: Motion to nominate David O’Connell: John, Seconded by: Eric
      • Nomination accepted by David
      • All in favour
      • Treasurer: Motion to nominate John da Silva: Colin, Seconded by: Valerie
        • Nomination accepted by John
        • All in favour

Declaration of Pecuniary or Conflict of Interest

  • This item will be added to the agenda for every Board meeting
  • For the 2014 to 2018 term, the following declarations were noted:
    • Colin Best – Son (Brian Best) is employed by BANG! Creative who may complete work for the BIA
    • David O’Connell – Owner of BANG! Creative who may complete work for the BIA


Treasurer’s Report

  • BIA has successfully met its financial commitments for 2015
  • Current expenses are only $134.32 over budget with approximately $2000 outstanding
  • Direction from the Board to re-allocate and streamline costs worked well
  • Motion to accept: Colin, Seconded by: David


Council Report

  • Budget was approved on January 12 – 3.04% increase approved
  • BIA budget was approved with no questions
  • Precinct Study has been approved and will determine recommended future uses of Town-owned properties in the Downtown area
  • Committee appointments will be finalized January 26th – Colin Best and Mike Boughton have requested to be on the BIA Board
  • Motion to accept Council Report: John, Seconded by: David


ED Report:

Downtown for the Holidays

  • Ideas about how to get more people in to the stores were discussed
  • Events & Marketing Committee will recommend new ideas for improvements for 2015
  • ACTION: Katrina to present 2015 plan with Board for feedback and ideas as part of 2015 Event Plan (in conjunction with Events & Marketing Committee)

Discover Beauty Promotion

  • We need to determine how we will measure the success of these promotions
    • Number of packages redeemed, number of new clients, etc.
    • $10 coupons need to be collected afterwards so we can determine success
    • ACTION: Katrina to conduct post-game review of the promotion and the associated coupon (with feedback from participating businesses) to understand implications for future promotions (April)

PanAm Activation

  • Katrina confirmed with Milton Cruise that they would suggest cancelling the Classic Cruise Night for 2015 due to the PanAm blackout.
  • Ideas were discussed on how to activate PanAm in Downtown Milton including bike art, “where’s Pachi?” contest, shuttle bus from velodrome parking, etc.
  • ACTION: Katrina to present plan to activate PanAm Downtown with events and/or visuals (February)

2015 Strategic Priorities and Tactical Plan

  • Katrina reviewed the plan for 2015.
  • Approved by the Board for implementation in 2015.

Marketing & Events Committee

  • Recommendation was approved.  David to continue as Chair of the committee.






  • The estimated cost of the website and how to budget for it was discussed.
  • There is an opportunity to take the required funds from the budget surplus to ensure that the current Advertising budget stays whole for 2015.
  • Motion presented by John:
    • Utilize $5000 from budget surplus to develop a new website.  Seconded by: Colin


  • Three versions of a new logo were presented.
  • Feedback included:
    • Should we increase the peaks on the roofs of the old Town Hall and old Post office to make it more realistic?
    • Does this logo align with our strategy and does it effectively promote Downtown Milton?
    • Although the colours align with the current banners, are they the right colours for our logo?
    • Motion presented by John:
      • Approve the use of the middle version (see below) of the logo.  Seconded by: Valerie
      • Vote: 4 in favour, 3 not in favour



Review of Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) of Employment and Retail/Commercial Land Needs Study

  • Katrina summarized the report (see below Appendix A) and Colin assisted by providing relevant details and how it could impact Downtown
  • Discussion points included:
    • Downtown cannot compete with this type of Retail so we need to change our playing field and create a unique area Downtown that may not be focused on Retail
    • Zoning by-laws are very strict and prohibit many businesses from locating Downtown (offices specifically)
    • Additionally, the cost to request changes to zoning by-laws are unattainable for many small business owners ($10K)
    • We should let the market decide what will work in Downtown to ensure that buildings are filled and, subsequently, maintained
    • ACTION: Katrina to summarize comments and submit to Town (January 30th)
      • See Appendix B for copy of letter


Motion to adjourn the meeting (9:48pm): Colin, Seconded by: David



Appendix A


MCR of Employment and Retail/Commercial Land Needs Study


–     Milton’s population is expected to reach 228K by 2031

–     To accommodate this growth, a review of required Employment and Commercial/Retail Lands was completed



–     Demand for new Commercial/Retail land is projected to be:

  • By 2021 – 2.9M ft2
  • By 2031 – 5.2M ft2
  • By 2041 – 9.5M ft2

–     To supply this demand, the following development/intensification focus was recommended:

  • Milton HUSP Urban Area: The Milton HUSP Urban Area is forecast to accommodate approximately 415,000 square metres (4.5 million square feet) of space by 2041. This space will be distributed approximately as follows:
    • Intensification of the CBD – 92,900 square metres (1.0 million square feet)
      • This intensification will be directed towards areas along Main Street between Ontario and Thompson.
    • Intensification of Milton Mall – 46,450 square metres (0.5 million square feet)
    • Redevelopment of the Meritor Site – 65,000 square metres (0.7 million square feet)
      • This site is located on Steeles Avenue just to the west of Martin Street and could be viewed at the gateway to Downtown.
    • Boyne Survey Secondary Plan – 54,000 square metres (0.6 million square feet)
    • Sherwood Survey Secondary Plan including Milton Heights allocation – 27,800 square metres (0.3 million square feet)
    • Other Milton Urban Area – 72,500 square metres (0.8 million square feet)
    • HUSP Employment Areas – 56,350 square metres (0.6 million square feet)
    • Milton SHP Growth Area: The long term population growth forecast from the development of the SHP Growth Areas will generate demand for a full range of shopping facilities including the highest order types of shopping facilities anchored by major regional serving tenants. Such development would be located in nodes which permit a range of uses in single use and mixed use formats.
      • Super-Regional Node (8TH Line and Britannia Road)
      • Regional Mixed Node (Derry Road and Trafalgar Road)
      • Regional Node (Britannia Road and future extension of James Snow Parkway)
      • Network of Major / Minor Nodes
      • Milton Education Village



















Appendix B



January 22, 2015


Mr. Christian Lupis

Planning & Development Department, Town of Milton


RE: “DRAFT” MCR of Employment and Retail/Commercial Land Needs Study Update


Dear Mr. Lupis,


Thank you for the opportunity to review the aforementioned study.  Please find below comments from the Downtown Milton BIA.


  • Although we understand that Milton’s expected population growth will certainly require more Retail/Commercial development, the estimated amount seems staggeringly high. The retail trends outlined by Tate Economic Research Inc. (section 6.2) call into question whether this amount is actually required given how the Retail landscape is changing.
  • Downtown’s current vacancy rate is approximately 10%, markedly higher than the 5%-7.5% balanced market vacancy rate mentioned in the report. Today, many Downtown property owners have difficultly filling properties intended for Retail use. A variety of reasons contribute to this issue, however, if this trend continues, how much additional Retail space is really required if we are unable to fill current vacancies?
  • The locations of the proposed Retail/Commercial development will draw Miltonians away from, rather than to, the Core Commercial Area. Although it is assumed that Downtown’s partial location in the flood plain limits development, options for revitalization in the current Core Commercial Area were not considered as part of this recommendation. Consequently, it seems that Downtown’s status as part of the Core Commercial Area would be obsolete.


Based on these comments, we believe it is necessary for Downtown Milton to evolve and redefine its role in Milton’s growth plan.  Downtown is no longer able to compete as a key commercial area and could instead be utilized as a distinctive mixed-use area where market demands are permitted to dictate property uses.  For example, smaller, historical Downtown properties could attract local entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for unique office locations. This evolution requires support from the Town of Milton including relaxation of zoning by-laws as well as reduced costs associated with requested changes to those by-laws. 


If you require clarification about any of these comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We kindly request that Downtown Milton BIA continues to receive updates on this study.







Katrina Lemire, on behalf of Downtown Milton BIA Board of Directors

Executive Director, Downtown Milton BIA

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